MrBeast apologizes to fans as Feastables sells out almost everywhere

Shay Robson
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YouTube star MrBeast has apologized to his fans as his chocolate bar brand Feastables sells out in almost every store.

After amassing over 244 million subscribers on YouTube, Jimmy ‘MrBeast‘ Donaldson has ventured outside of just making videos, launching his confectionery brand ‘Feastables’.

Launching several chocolate bar flavors, and eventually cookies and gummy candy as well, Feastables has been flying off the shelves ever since its release.

And even after a full rebrand of the product after a copyright dispute lawsuit, Feastables looks to be doing better than ever before.

MrBeast Feastables
MrBeast unveiled Feastable’s new look in February 2024.

MrBeast apologizes for lack for Feastables stock

On March 13, the YouTube star took to Twitter/X, where the 25-year-old apologized to his fans for the lack of Feastables stock hitting the shelves. He explained that only 20% of Walmart and Target stores currently have his chocolate bars in stock.

“Feastables is basically sold out at the moment (around 20% of stores still have some)” MrBeast wrote. “I’m doing everything I can to get some more chocolate factories up and running! Sorry for not being able to buy it right now.”

In another post, the YouTuber revealed that the stores closest to the United States border were the first to sell their stock, explaining fans would buy it all to resell in Canada and Mexico where Feastables hasn’t yet officially launched.

However, he reassured fans that he’d prioritize launching in those countries as soon as possible once he catches up with the current demand in the US.

“Fun fact, the stores on the border sold out first,” he said. “People would buy every bar in every Walmart/Target in a city and then drive into Mexico or Canada and resell them. Once I catch up to USA demand I’ll [prioritize] launching Mexico/Canada so they stop draining stores here.”

Following Feastable’s rebrand, MrBeast claimed he spent hours helping workers restock his chocolate bars at Target and Walmart stores after finding shelves “empty.”

However, Feastables isn’t the only creator brand doing well. Similarly, Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime have dominated the beverage market, topping Walmart’s sales for the most sold sports and hydration drinks in the first month of 2024.

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