Wuthering Waves to add highly requested change & free 5-star character of your choice

Michelle Cornelia
Verina in Wuthering Waves

Amidst Wuthering Waves’ rocky launch, devs have announced that they’re planning to implement new changes based on player feedback, as well as give a free custom 5-star character of your choice.

Unless you’re willing to change servers or sink about 45 minutes into the main tutorial in Wuthering Waves all over again, you might want to hold on rerolling for now. Kuro Games has just announced that they’re giving players 10 Radiant Tides and a free custom 5-star character as a “token of gratitude” via a post on X.

Considering how rare 5-star characters are, this is a really decent deal for players looking to add some of the best Resonators to their team

Right now, players can already earn 5-star characters in the game just from the Novice Convene and Beginner’s Choice Convene. But with this new compensation being added to the mix, you will be able to secure another one for your party.

In a separate blog post, the developers wrote, “After the launch, we have received much feedback across all platforms and channels regarding the Beginner’s Choice Convene. We are deeply sorry for the unsatisfactory experience the event has brought you.”

“Therefore, we plan to issue a special item [Voucher of Reciprocal Tides], which grants a free chance to obtain one 5-Star Standard Resonator of your choice via in-game mail on 05/26 10:00 (UTC+8). This event is available until 2025/05/22 11:59 (UTC+8).”

These are currently all the 5 Star characters in the game:

  • Verina
  • Jianxin
  • Calcharo
  • Encore
  • Lingyang

If you have yet to decide which one to pick, we suggest you take your time familiarizing yourself with all the game’s elements so you can figure out what kind of team you’d like to build. Of course, the voucher is available to claim until May 22, 2025, so there’s no rush in making your decision.

Alongside these rewards, devs also mentioned that they’re planning to implement “skippable” story content and improve the “in-game combat experience for more satisfying gameplay.” 

Based on players’ feedback, they’re looking into redesigning the skip UI, adding more skippable scenes in “main quest storylines,” as well as skippable character dialogues outside of cutscenes and cinematics. 

Since the game’s launch, some players have been vocal about having to sit through lengthy scenes and other issues, but so far, devs have been quick to respond and offer compensation.