World of Warcraft speedrunner smashes record for hitting max level

Alex Tsiaoussidis
World of Warcraft speed runner DesMephisto

A well-known World of Warcraft speedrunner and Twitch streamer named DesMephisto reached the maximum level in three hours and 33 minutes, smashing the previous record.

It’s not hard to sink hours upon hours into World of Warcraft. It’s one of the most expansive and immersive games on the market and it takes a substantial amount of time to progress both in terms of levels and loot.

However, speedrunners are an exception. They have been hitting the maximum level in staggering times for many years now. It all comes down to speed and efficiency, which often involves figuring out new tricks and methods.

In preparation for the next expansion, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the level cap has been reduced to 50 and will increase to 60 upon its release. This has opened the door for speedrunners to see who can reach level 50 in the shortest timeframe.

World of Warcraft speed runner DesMephisto
DesMephisto is one of the most decorated World of Warcraft speedrunners.

It’s been an exhilarating couple of days, but no speedrunner has been more impressive than DesMephisto, who also happens to be one of the most popular World of Warcraft streamers on Twitch.

DesMephisto hit the maximum level in a stunning three hours and 33 minutes, which is a new record. It’s also 45 minutes less than his previous one. He used a combination of buffs, gear, and items to make the route even shorter. 

The full speedrun can be seen here:

DesMephisto has been breaking and setting World of Warcraft speedrun records for a long time now. If that’s not impressive enough, he’s also challenged himself to collect items including one-handed weapons and plate armor appearances.

What’s more, his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Activision-Blizzard acknowledged his dedication and commitment to World of Warcraft and paid tribute in the form of an epic item called Desm’s Fistos.

DesMephisto’s speedrun records are awesome, but they’re not even his most important accolade. As someone who has been diagnosed with autism and living with it for quite some time, he wanted to use his platform to give something back.

For that reason, he has used his stream to raise awareness about autism. In fact, he’s even gone a step further and even become a mental health advocate of sorts.

All in all, he’s helped raise more than $25,000 for charity and $13,000 for the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network.

If you’re interested in seeing more or supporting his cause, you can tune into his Twitch channel here.

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