VCT partner leagues are the end goal for Game Changers players

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Game Changers Valorant players have responded to the EMEA Game Changers head saying she hopes to see a player from the tournament series play in the main circuit in 2023.

Another Game Changers tournament, another Cloud9 White win. The tournament series, created for women and marginalized genders, has been dominated in North America by the blue and white team since its start in March of 2021, and the team will now get a chance to test their skills internationally at the Game Changers World Championships in Berlin.

But beyond the world championship, C9 White players, and the entire Game Changers circuit, have an end goal of competing on coed teams, or full female rosters, at the highest level in Valorant. The product lead for EMEA Game Changers, Ashley Washington, said in an interview with Dexerto that she hopes to see a Game Changers player graduate to the main circuit in 2023.

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C9 White said they could see that happening in the next year and that they all hope to be the one to do it.

“I think every single person [on our team] wants to be that player who does it. It’s just a matter of playing well enough to get the opportunity,” Cloud9 White’s Katja ‘katsumi’ Pfahnl said in a post-match press conference. “I am hopeful.”

C9 White rolled through the Game Changers competition this time around in the third event of the year for North America. The team did not drop a map and said that they did not feel challenged by any team at the tournament. Cloud9 White have only lost one series at Game Changers since the tournament’s inception making their overall record 25-1 in the main event.

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The team did not drop a map this tournament and did not allow any team to win more than seven rounds off of them in a single game. C9 White said that they did not feel challenged by any team at the tournament.

However, the team’s IGL, Melanie ‘meL’ Capone, pointed to some of the hyped individual players coming into the tournament and said she hopes to see them play in more coed events, or try to play in coed teams in the future.

“I think there’s plenty of talent that we saw that would be awesome to see in coed teams and Ascension teams and maybe partner teams one day,” meL said.

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meL herself is considered by many as the best female player in North America and hopes to play in Valorant Champions in the next three to five years. She and her teammates constantly preach about how Game Changers players should branch out of the women’s circuit and compete in other tournaments to improve.

Game Changers players could play on coed teams in 2023

While the winners of the event were hopeful for the future, Shopify Rebellion players were more apprehensive about the 2023 target.

“We will never know, not until it comes up,” Shopify player Lorrian ‘Lorri’ Elad said when asked about the 2023 timeline in a post-match press conference.

Her teammate, Erika ‘KP’ Lytle, expanded on her comment to say that putting a timeline on when the community will see a Game Changers player in the main circuit is not realistic.

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“I think it’s just something that has to happen naturally,” KP said.

The community could see it happen sooner than later through Challengers Ascension. The tournament series will promote teams into the Riot Games’ partnered league, and C9 White plans to compete in it. Riot has yet to announce how the Game Changers circuit will work in tandem with teams also competing in Challengers.

Valorant fans can see Cloud9 White and Shopify compete against the best Game Changers players in the world at the Game Changers World championship in Berlin starting on November 15.