Bleed signing yay was a mistake & the team accidentally admitted it

Daniel Appleford
yay bleed

A seemingly harmless and now-deleted tweet from Bleed Esports’ Valorant account is the perfect example of why yay should have never joined the team.

yay hasn’t won a series in competitive Valorant since Cloud9 beat Paper Rex at the VCT LOCKIN over 400 days ago. Before making the surprising jump to Pacific by joining Bleed, yay spent the majority of 2023 playing for Disguised. His run with DSG would go on to be a massive failure for the org that made them exit Valorant entirely.

This player just hasn’t looked the same since the Chamber nerfs in late 2022. Even with over a year to find someone else to use, he has yet to replicate the magic of his pre-nerf Chamber gameplay.

Before franchising, yay was considered one of the best players in the world, especially on the French Sentinel which turned him into a sniping machine. However, since yay’s role shifted to duelist agents like Jett and Raze, he hasn’t had much of an impact in competitive matches.

In Bleed’s most recent losses, yay has had abysmal performances on Raze in particular. The organization seemingly fired shots at yay in their post to Twitter/X which calls out underperforming Raze players.

Bleed’s deleted Tweet making fun of Raze players right after yay’s poor performance with her on stage.

However, the post was quickly deleted. It read, “tag that one teammate” shows a Family Guy meme in which Meg is a Raze that is 3/14/4. Meanwhile, the other members of the family, shown as Brimstone, Neon, and Yoru, all have positive KDs. This is especially egregious considering that getting kills is pretty much the only thing Raze does.

The comments beneath the post quickly flooded with mentions of yay, who had two bad Raze games while facing ZETA DIVISION. In the three-map series, yay went 18/31 overall as Raze for an astonishing 0.5 overall K/D on the agent.

“Hey you have him on your team,” said one commenter, who included a GIF of yay on Bleed.

Bleed had to come to yay’s defense in the comments shortly after the post went live. Stating “chill guys stop hating on yay” in an attempt to combat the negative feedback.

Bleed’s response to backlash under meme tweet.

The team currently shares the lowest rank with Global Esports in the Pacific region, holding a 0-3 record. Their upcoming schedule is daunting, facing off against DFM, Paper Rex, and DRX, which could make their situation even worse. This Twitter meme may have been a bit of a Freudian slip.

Facing a potential 0-6 start, Bleed’s duelist is struggling to get value for his team. yay was meant to be the superstar that’d elevate this team to the top, but he seems to be the thing holding them back from contesting the best teams in VCT Pacific.

At some point, Bleed will have to rethink their strategy and consider whether or not keeping yay is worth it.