Valorant’s PS5 Trophy list is missing most challenging achievement

Brianna Reeves
valorant trophy list

Valorant’s Trophy list has gone live ahead of its limited beta on console, which hits PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on June 14.

Riot Games officially unveiled Valorant’s console version during Summer Game Fest 2024. In so doing, the studio also announced a limited beta for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players to join.

The beta kicks off on June 14, but the Trophy list has already surfaced for players to peruse via PSNProfiles.

Notably, the list features 16 Trophies in total: 3 Bronze, 7 Silver, and 6 Gold. In news that may disappoint many a Trophy hunter, Valorant will not have a Platinum for those who unlock every Trophy.

valorant trophy list

Valorant’s full Trophy list is as follows:

  • Who’s next? – Get 1 Kill
  • And that’s how it gets done! – Win 1 Game
  • Right between the eyes – Get 300 Headshots
  • They’re super dead! – Get 1,000 Headshots
  • That’s going to leave a scar – Deal 250,000 Damage
  • Looks like I got a little carried away – Deal 500,000 Damage
  • Time for a field test – Use your abilities 2,000 times
  • Take control – Use your abilities 4,000 times
  • Here comes the party! – Use your ultimate 125 times
  • Must I do everything? – Get an Ace
  • Five in, five out – Get a Flawless
  • Beep beep beep, enough of that – Successfully defuse a Spike with less than a second remaining
  • I’m built different – Earn a Clutch
  • I know exactly where you are – Get 10 Wallbang Kills
  • Next time we’ll use wooden sticks! – Get a Thrifty
  • You want to play? Let’s play – Use your Ultimate 300 times.

While Valorant is a free-to-play shooter, this status does not bar developers from shipping their games with a Platinum Trophy. Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 has a Platinum for users who earn its other 59 Trophies, for example.

Meanwhile, even some premium AAA games are known to feature Platinum-less Trophy lists, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 chief among them.

Sony has never explicitly stated why certain games don’t have Platinum trophies. As such, it’s unclear if the blame falls on developers or restrictions from the platform holder.