How to play Valorant Premier Stage E8A1: Register, format, schedule & rewards

Sourav Banik
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Valorant‘s Premier for Episode 8 Act 1 is here, meaning players can compete again in the team-based competitive mode in its full glory. So, here’s a guide about the schedule, how to form your team, take part, and play Premier Stage E8A1.

The primary objective of Valorant Premier is to provide its players with much higher competition than ranked. After some successful beta sessions from Riot earlier this year, patch 8.0 brought Stage E8A1 of the mode for players to compete beyond Radiant.

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Valorant Premier will eventually link to the VCT pro scene, and taking part in this mode can be a bit trickier than you think. With that said, here’s a handy guide on how to play Valorant Premier stage E8A1 along with its schedule, format, how to register, and its rewards.


Valorant Premier Stage E8A1 schedule

The Valorant Premier Stage E8A1 runs for a little over seven weeks or 53 daysstarting on January 9 and ending on March 3, 2024.

This period is divided into three sections:

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  • Enrollment Period: January 9 to January 16
  • Weekly Matches: January 17 to March 2
  • Playoff Tournament: March 3

Riot has confirmed that the teams created before January 16 will be able to recruit members and participate in the Stage at any time.

Where to find Premier in Valorant

The Premier entry is present just below the Play option on the Homepage. If you are visiting the Premier Hub for the first time, an explanation modal will also pop up to clear all your doubts.

an image of some agents from ValorantRiot Games
To play Valorant Premier, players must verify their phone numbers.

How to register for Valorant Premier Stage E8A1

To register for Valorant Premier Stage E8A1, you will need to enroll your team again during the Enrollment period. Each team can have seven players at most. You can either form your own or join one, the choice is up to you.

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You’ll need to fulfill a couple of requirements to play Valorant Premier Stage E8A1:

  1. Verify your mobile number using via SMS.
  2. Complete your ranked placements at any point in your account’s lifetime.

Once these two steps are done and the roster is set, the team owner will enroll the team by selecting the Zone in which you will play. This Zone will determine the servers and the schedule of the matches.

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Unlike the beta which had 20 divisions, the full release will have five distinct Divisions. Your team will be seeded into one of those, depending on the team’s average MMR of its top five players.

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an image of all Valorant Premier DivisionsRiot Games
There will be five Divisions in Valorant Premier.

How to view Valorant Premier team standings

To view the team standings in Valorant Premier, simply:

  1. Head over to Premier from the menu.
  2. Then, select Standings.

This area will be sectioned by if teams made the qualification cut-off and the standings are updated when Premier matches are completed. Teams will be listed on the Standings by score first, with ties broken by match W/L, then rounds W/L.

Valorant Premier Stage E8A1 format

Your team will be scheduled to play two matches each week. The Team Hub will have everything – the schedule, map rotation, and queue-up. All matches will have a map pick and ban system, just like VCT.

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With each match played, your team will earn points that will add to the Premier Score. The Premier Score of your team will determine whether it will make it to the Playoff Tournament or not. The more matches your team wins, the more points you will gain. However, no points will be added if your team doesn’t play one.

  • Earn 100 points for each weekly match win.
  • Lose 25 points for each weekly match loss.
  • No points are awarded during Tournament matches.

The Playoff Tournament will be scheduled for the last day of Valorant Premier Stage E8A1.

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So, there you have it — that’s how you can play Valorant Premier Stage E8A1 and compete your hearts out with your team.

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