Riot says Valorant port to other platforms will take time

valorant on playstation and xboxRiot Games, Sony, Microsoft

Riot Games is working hard to bring Valorant to other platforms, but the process will still take some time, according to Valorant Executive Producer Anna Donlon in a Dev Diaries video.

Riot Games’ attempt to bring Valorant to other platforms, like consoles, has been known for quite a while, though not much has been said about how the process is going, outside of a few job posting for the console team.

But in the latest Dev Diaries video, which Riot uses to speak directly to players, Donlon brought up the topic of the development of Valorant for other platforms. According to her, it could be a while before players will be able to enjoy the game on a platform other than PC.

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“We are continuing our work on bringing Valorant to new platforms. It’s going slower than we’d hoped, probably slower than you’d hoped, but we want to get it right,” Donlon said.

The video also covered other things coming to Valorant in 2023, including new content, the Premier competitive mode, and game modes like Team Deathmatch.

Valorant port coming along slower than hoped

Riot Games has yet to release a title on consoles. League of Legends has been ported to other PC clients, like Epic Games Launcher, and Teamfight Tactics has been a mobile and PC game almost since it launched.

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In June 2022, Riot Games announced a partnership with Microsoft that unlocked in-game benefits for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, who gained access to every League of Legends champion and Valorant agent, in addition to other rewards.

Riot seems hell-bent on making sure Valorant is available to as many people as possible and is set to tap into the many gamers that play on consoles. Valorant has succeeded in markets where console gaming is king, including North America and Japan. Only time will tell whether the company’s port to console or other platforms will prove successful.

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