Shroud demands Riot “just delete” the Judge in explosive Valorant rage

Shroud Valorant Judge WeaponTwitch: Shroud / Riot Games

In a rare moment of rage, Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has claimed Riot Games should “just delete” the controversial Judge shotgun from the game, after he died to one in just a single shot.

The Judge is the most expensive shotgun in Valorant, and for a good reason. It shoots 12 bullets at a time and has the potential to one-shot Agents at close range, regardless of their armor. Bullets that hit an enemy’s head also deal double damage. So, it’s not that difficult to pull off.

For that reason, Valorant players have had mixed opinions about it for a long time. Some claim it’s overpowered and broken. Others think it’s completely due to the damage drop-off at mid-range and long-range.

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Shroud shared his thoughts on the maligned weapon after falling victim to it in a shootout, and to no surprise, he didn’t have anything positive to say.

Shroud Valorant Judge WeaponRiot Games
The Judge shotgun has proven to be one of Valorant’s most controversial weapons.

After carefully placing the spike and trying to guard the site, Shroud quickly looked right and then left, only to be caught off guard by an enemy jump-shooting him with the Judge. He died instantly, and he wasn’t happy about it.

“F**king judges! Delete them from the game!” he yelled. “Literally, Riot, click the button. Delete. That’s it. Just get rid of them. Just get rid of them. It’s that simple!”

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Shroud doesn’t lose his cool often. But when he does, it’s usually centered on something like a broken mechanic or an overpowered gun.

Considering the Judge is already disliked among the masses, those who hate it will be glad to know Shroud is on their side.

However, those who love it will brush it off as nothing more than salty comments from another embittered victim.