Riot Games dev debunks leak of unreleased Valorant Agents

Andy Williams
Riot Games dev debunks unreleased Valorant Agent leaks

Following a leak pertaining to some unreleased Valorant Agents, Riot Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott has ruled out that they’ll be joining Future Earth anytime soon.

Riot Games have pledged to add more Agents with every Act in Valorant. Loosely speaking, that works out to around six new characters per year.

With so many Agents on the horizon, data miners are keen to explore the in-game files to try and shed as much light as possible on what’s to come.

To-date, eagle-eyed miners have discovered potential characters and their accompanying abilities, as well as some weapon cosmetics that are laying dormant in the game’s files — but it seems not all of what slips through the cracks will be seeing the light of day, as Riot’s Character Design Lead Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott confirmed.

Riot's Episode 1 roadmap for Valorant.
Many are speculating who the next Agent will be in Episode 1.

Riot rules out Valorant Agent leaks

With each patch, the files which data miners trawl through change, which adds an element of variability to the leaks that surface.

And following the leak which teased some abilities for the unreleased Agents ‘Shatter’ and ‘Crusader,’ Morello has blown any potential for the pair to be coming to the game completely out of the water.

“Super old, cancelled characters. I’ve talked a bunch on my stream about Crusader getting the axe,” Morello opened. “Y’all reading too much into files — lots of stuff cut from the game over time.”

Crusader was initially leaked way back during the closed beta, and according to leaks, was an early prototype for Breach. While some data miners held out towards the possibility that Crusader would be reworked at some point, Morello confirmed that not to be the case.

As for Shatter, the Riot dev didn’t acknowledge that part of the leak, other than also saying they were “super old” and “cancelled.”But if Riot were actually planning to release Shatter as a new Agent, it’s unlikely they would make it so easy for data miners to get such a complete look.

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