Valorant leak reveals new ‘Cyber Punk’ skin set coming soon

Daniel Cleary
Cyberpunk 2077 skyline and valorant weapon skin

Riot Games looks set to drop another Valorant weapon skin bundle after new leaks revealed a ‘Cyber Punk’ cosmetic set could be on its way to the tactical shooter.

Valorant has been very popular since its official launch, with tons of players looking to quickly improve and master each of the guns in Riot Games’ new FPS title.

As with many multiplayer shooters, it also offers some incredible cosmetic options for players to customize weapons to their liking.

Elderflame skin in Valorant
The Elderflame skins were released as Valorant’s first Ultra-Edition collection.

With the release of the first Ultra-Edition skin set, Elderflame, added to the store on July 10, it seems another skin bundle will be following shortly after.

It was revealed by leakers that a new featured set, titled “Cyber Punk” would be among the next major cosmetic bundles added to the game.

The leaked game files were shared by ValorantExpress, highlighting some of the weapons that players can expect to see these new Cyber Punk skins for.

When will Valorant’s ‘Cyber Punk’ skins be released?

The leakers estimated that the new skins will likely be added to the store in two weeks, which is expected to be around Friday, July 24, if it follows the pattern of previous bundle releases.

The Cyber Punk weapon set is also expected to include skins for the Judge, Odin, Frenzy, Bulldog, and even a new melee weapon.

While it has not been confirmed whether this will be the second Ultra-Edition bundle added to Valorant, Riot has previously shared their plans to make new skins even “weirder” as the season goes on.

As of the publication of this article, the weapons skins have not been revealed but many are expecting them to fit the retro-futuristic design, that the name suggests. It is also unclear whether these new skins will have any link to the upcoming CD Projekt Red title CyberPunk 2077.

It is worth noting that, as with all leaks, it is still possible for Riot to change any elements of this bundle or even delay it before its expected release in the following weeks.