How to level up fast in Valorant

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Every Act in Valorant brings a new Battle Pass and new rewards for players to earn throughout its duration. If you’re looking to get your hands on those sweet exclusives then you’ll want to know how to level up fast in Valorant. 

Valorant’s Battle Pass system offers players both free and paid rewards for the time that they spend on the game. While this is a nice way to give the community something to work toward throughout the season, it does mean you’ll inevitably spend a huge portion of the season grinding to reach the next tier.

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There’s some good news though – climbing up the ranks doesn’t have to be so difficult if you know how to work the system. Whether it’s through adjusting which modes you’re playing or by taking some time to accomplish specific goals, you can make the process a lot easier on yourself with a little help.

So what exactly do you need to do in order to begin the climb?

How to level up fast in Valorant Episode 3 Act 2

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The real key to increasing your speed is in the game’s challenge list. There are weekly and daily challenges that offer players a chance to drastically increase their XP haul and make significant progress through the pass.

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From buying armor a specific amount of times to killing another player using their own weapon, these smaller quests usually offer up a combined 4000 XP when completed. You may be able to complete some of them in Spike Rush as well, which would save you a fair amount of time.

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These extra opportunities to earn XP are hugely important to climbing faster.

There are a few challenges, such as any that require you to buy a weapon, that can’t be completed in Spike Rush or Deathmatch and will require you to play elsewhere in order to reap the reward.  However, if you’ve got all of those challenges out of the way, then you can turn to the other modes to keep your progress rolling.

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Which game modes give the most XP in Valorant?

Valorant Spike Rush changesRiot Games
Spike Rush and Deathmatch are the perfect way to farm your Valorant XP faster than normal. While a regular game of Valorant might last up to an hour, these modes aim for a shorter five or ten-minute range.

Both Deathmatch and Spike Rush offer an XP-dense alternative to the game’s standard playlist as these quick hitter modes will net you either 900 XP for the former or 1000 for the latter. While you may receive 2500 XP or more for completing a regular game of Valorant, you can consistently play several rounds of these modes in the same amount of time.

The only real advantage that Spike Rush holds over Deathmatch is the extra 100 XP, but the game time may also run a little longer, so it’s all about picking what works for you as a player.

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That’s for our leveling guide though, and since Episode 3 Act 3 may be coming soon, there’s not much time left to crank through the remainder of this season’s rewards. Go take these tips and get climbing before it’s too late.

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