How to rank up Valorant Battle Pass fast: Level guide

With each new Act in Valorant comes an all-new Battle Pass filled to the brim with exclusive items. Here’s a full rundown on the most effective ways to rapidly boost your experience and level through the latest Act as quick as possible.

From unique weapons skins to a heap of Radianite points, there’s plenty up for grabs in the Act 3 Battle Pass. Players that grind experience will gain access to over 50 unique items from both the premium and free tier unlocks.

If you’re consistently playing every single day throughout the time the Battle Pass is live, you should have no issue reaching max level and unlocking everything. However, if you’re looking to get the most XP out of every moment you have with Valorant, here’s a full guide on how you can quickly level up.

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Valorant Act 3 guide with SkyeRiot Games
Valorant Battle Passes bring new skins, sprays, gun buddies, and plenty more to the game.

Daily and Weekly Missions in Valorant

The first step to maximizing your experience might seem obvious. But if you want to reach tier 50 as soon as possible, completing Daily and Weekly Missions should be your top priority. Typically, there are two Daily Missions and three Weekly Missions. These can differ wildly in terms of difficulty and time to complete.

Some might require you to play a certain number of games in a week, others might ask for a set amount of kills in 24 hours. Each Mission comes with a ton of experience though, so you never want to miss out on these. Most Daily objectives provide 2,000XP each, while Weekly Missions can range from 8,000XP to 12,000XP. 

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Daily Bounties can often be blitzed through in a game or two. If you’re able to log on and grind every night in a week, you’re looking at 28,000XP just from dailies. With an additional 28,000 or so experience from the weeklies. That’s enough by itself to push you through multiple tiers of the Battle Pass.

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Pay close attention to your Daily and Weekly Missions in Valorant.

What exactly impacts experience gains in Valorant? 

Whether you’re playing subpar or top-fragging every single game with MVP-caliber performances, XP gains remain the same. While you’ll definitely be cruising through Missions a lot quicker with better games, the experience is entirely determined by the rounds played and rounds won.

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For each round in Valorant’s Unrated playlist, you’ll net 100XP no matter what. If you happen to win that round as well, you’ll earn an additional 200XP. Therefore, the longer the game, the more experience you’ll earn overall.

In the absolute best-case scenario, where a game goes the distance into overtime, you’ll walk away with 5,100XP. 2,500 for the 25 rounds played and 2,600 for the 13 rounds won. Focus on winning each round with your team instead of looking for kills or flashy plays. A quad spray or an ace won’t change your XP gains, but winning every round certainly will.

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The absolute best-case scenario for XP gains is a sudden death victory.

Which Valorant game mode is the most efficient?

Regular Valorant matches can take quite a while sometimes, but that’s where Spike Rush comes in. The fast-paced mode offers a less competitive option, and matches are over once a team reaches 4 rounds. However, experience gains are mostly balanced out.

While Spike Rush can be blitzed through in around 10 minutes on average, a typical game may only net you 1,000XP. Compared to the potential gains in Valorant’s standard mode though, it is less potential XP.

However, Spike Rush is far from useless though. The mode can come in handy when warming up, and it counts towards all quests, so you could knock those out quicker than playing regular matches.

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Deathmatch mode is a good warmup as well. Instead of shooting bots in the Practice Range for no XP at all, you could play a few games of Spike Rush or Deathmatch. Even if you’re just refining your aim for the day, you’ll still be racking up XP with each ‘warm-up’ round. Below is a list of total XP gains for each mode in Valorant.

XP gains for each mode in Valorant:

  • Unrated – 100XP per round played + 200XP per round win
  • Competitive – 100XP per round + 200XP per round win
  • Spike Rush – 1,000XP
  • Deathmatch – 900XP
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Winning long games will see more XP gains than a quick stomping.

Playing longer games and always gunning for the win is how you’ll maximize XP gains in Valorant. Don’t be discouraged by a negative KD or a lack of highlight-worthy plays. 

So long as you’re always striving to win each and every round with your team, the experience will come quicker than ever.