Riot eye more Valorant ranked changes to tackle smurf problem

Phoenix frowning in ValorantRiot Games

Valorant’s smurfing problem has plagued the game since Day 1. Since it’s easy to create new accounts and get into ranked quickly, low level smurfs are tearing up beginners. Riot are aiming to adjust the requirements again though, making it harder to smurf.

Valorant has a smurfing problem. It has since the game’s launch, when all you needed to do was create a new Riot ID and you’d be placed in low-rank lobbies.

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Riot has since tried to curb that. They increased the initial entry requirement from just playing 10 games (where smurfs would just AFK) to win 10 games.

However, with the introduction of new leveling systems, players have called on Riot to introduce a base level for ranked in line with other games.

Valorant level systemRiot Games
Valorant’s new level system could be the answer to the game’s smurfing problem.

League of Legends, Riot’s hit MOBA, has a minimum level 30 requirement for ranked. This takes days, if not weeks, of dedicated grinding to hit. Other games like Overwatch (Level 25) and Rainbow Six: Siege (Level 50) use similar systems.

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Valorant isn’t too far behind now though, with further ranked changes later in Episode 3 or early Episode 4 likely to strengthen the ranked requirements.

“ As we’ve evolved, our ranked entry requirement went from play 10 games to win 10 games,” producer Sara Dadafshar told players on Reddit.

“With the addition of account level, this gives us a perfect opportunity to modify the entry requirement once more.”

With Riot promising “it’s in the works”, it’s only a matter of time until they add a new barrier for Valorant ranked.

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The exact details are yet to be confirmed. However, if you’re worried about smurfs ruining your Valorant games, it should hopefully be curbed shortly.

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