G2 Valorant player accused of throwing ranked games on alt account

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Pro Valorant player and content creator Travis ‘tdawgg’ Regan has accused G2 Esports Valorant player Francis ‘OXY’ Hoang of throwing ranked matches.

tdawgg said on Twitter that OXY was intentionally losing ranked matches on his alternative Valorant account, called BTS V STAN, and included a link to a YouTube video breaking down the G2 player’s recent streamed matches.

“This video is a warning from The VALORANT Council of Ranked that further behavior like this will result in punishment,” tdawgg said in his post on Twitter on January 2.

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In the video’s description, tdawgg wrote that he believes OXY is going unpunished for these actions because people are afraid to speak up due to his recent signing with G2 Esports.

OXY responded to the post on Twitter by showing the match history on his alt account and that it is rank 35 in Radiant on the ranked ladder. OXY’s G2 Esports teammates also responded to the allegations with Michael ‘dapr’ Gulino and Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan defending the young pro.

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“Point me to any game where ranked is good in North America, there isn’t any. Godbless because I believe your intentions are good but brother get some perspective, a zoomer community is not the one that’s gonna break those barriers,” dapr said.

G2 Valorant player responds to allegations

tdawgg responded to OXY’s match history asking the teenager why he would troll in a ranked match and not communicate during rounds.

“You are a part of the ranked problem,” tdawgg said.

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In the 40-minute YouTube video, tdawgg showcased a match in which OXY told his team he was not going to use his microphone for the rest of the match after a poor first round on Breeze. OXY typed in chat for the rest of the match.

OXY ended the online conversation by saying that he is sorry if his actions showcased a bad example for players and that it won’t happen again. He also claimed most of what he says in-game is sarcasm.

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