Jynxzi fans slam Twitch star as “sellout” after OnlyFans model appears on stream

Shay Robson

Twitch star Jynxzi has come under fire from fans for being a “sellout” after having OnlyFans model Breckie Hill appear on his stream.

Jynxzi has seen an unprecedented rise to stardom in the last year, quickly becoming one of the biggest streamers in the world, boasting the most followed and subscribers gained across the entire Amazon-owned platform at the start of 2024.

His rise to the top has even earned him the award for best breakthrough streamer at QTCinderella’s Streamer Awards.

However, the Rainbow Six Siege star is currently facing backlash from his viewers, with him being called a “sellout” after an OnlyFans model featured in one of his latest broadcasts.

Jynxzi slammed as a “sellout” by fans

During a stream on February 24, Jynxzi was joined by Breckie Hill, an OnlyFans model who’s appeared on his broadcast numerous times. However, the Twitch star has since begun receiving backlash, with many calling him out for being a “sellout” and promoting adult content.

Particularly, at one point during the stream, Jynxzi was completely topless, when the OnlyFans model began touching massaging him, and rubbing oil across his body, which critics deem to be sexually suggestive.

Some viewers have lashed out at Jynxzi across social media, claiming he’s a “sellout” just like almost “every other streamer.”

“Used to like Jynxzi but he literally became a sellout and changed his whole look for an LA clout girl. Dudes pathetic,” one hit out.

“He’s a sellout like every other streamer pretty much,” said another.

Similarly, the 22-year-old has been called a “sellout” by fans numerous times in the past for working with Rainbow Six Siege developers Ubisoft to promote the tactical first-person shooter.

Is Jynxzi dating Breckie Hill?

Since then, rumors have flooded social media speculating that Jynxzi and Breckie Hill are actually a couple after the two uploaded a flirty TikTok together.

While these claims have neither been confirmed nor denied by either Jynxzi or Breckie Hill, many viewers are taking their smooch at the end of the video as confirmation of their supposed relationship… and it doesn’t look like viewers are happy with this latest turn of events.

Regardless, Jynxzi is still dominating the Twitch charts, amassing over a staggering 200k live concurrent viewers co-streaming the recent Six Invitational.

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