Does Breckie Hill have a boyfriend? Jynxzi Twitch stream kiss gets rumors flying

Josh Taylor
Breckie Hill kissing Jynxzi on his Twitch stream.

OnlyFans model Breckie Hill has been stirring up speculation that streaming star Jynxzi is her boyfriend, after they were seen sharing a kiss on multiple Twitch streams and in a viral TikTok.

Breckie Hill became hugely popular on TikTok after her lip-sync and dance posts soon went viral on the platform.

She has gained over three million followers on TikTok, as well as millions more across all her socials. This has included her becoming a popular OnlyFans model and occasional Twitch streamer.

Now, following various Twitch stream “dates” and kisses being shared between her and streaming star Jynxzi, it has led to many wondering if they are actually in a relationship and if she has a boyfriend.

Does Breckie Hill have a boyfriend?

It is unknown whether Breckie Hill officially has a boyfriend, despite many believing that her and Jynxzi are in a relationship together after several kisses.

Breckie Hill first appeared together with Jynxzi on his Twitch stream at the start of February 2024. Ever since, she been regularly streaming with him and collaborating on content for weeks.

What started as Hill giving him a simple peck on the cheek off the back of a viewer request, has turned into the pair going on “dates” and them often sharing a kiss on the lips on stream.

However, many viewers have been left divided whether they are actually together or if it is just for views and clout.

Jynxzi’s Twitch and overall views across platforms have skyrocketed even further, but he has come under fire for being a “sellout” for the OnlyFans model appearing on his streams.

One thing that has sparked rumors even further is a post Jynxzi made to his TikTok account, which is a short clip of them kissing eachother.

With them both not officially confirming if they’re in relationship or if it is just for content, it remains unknown whether Breckie Hill actually has a boyfriend.