Jynxzi denies Twitch viewbot accusations while bizarrely hitting back at xQc who defended him

Josh Taylor
Jynxzi Twitch streamer live.

Top Twitch streamer Jynxzi has denied claims he has been viewbotting his streams on the platform and even put xQc on blast while doing so, despite the fellow Twitch star defending him.

Days prior, xQc defended Jynxzi after he had received viewbotting accusations for his Twitch streams. This spawned following Trainwreck’s claims that Twitch has the “number one viewbotted streamer,” which caused a witch-hunt in the community as many viewers speculated he was referring to Jynxzi.

However, the Rainbow Six streamer didn’t take the comments from xQc too lightly. During his Twitch stream on April 10, he said that they were the “cherry on top,” especially as he revealed he had been an xQc fan “probably since 2019.”

As Jynxzi reviewed the clip of his comments while live, xQc stated that “10K is not the end of the world” for viewers not sending messages in Jynxzi’s live chat, when compared to his 70 thousand total viewers.

The streamer responded: “Yo xQc, I don’t know if the Adderall is affecting your brain right now, dawg, you are looking at active chatters! Do you actually expect my entire stream to be chatting?”

He further denied the Twitch viewbot accusations: “When I watch a Twitch stream bro, I don’t chat. That’s a lot of people on Twitch, so that literally proves I don’t viewbot. If you have 70,000 active chatters and 15,000 people who are lurking, that is the most normal ratio ever!”

Jynxzi ended by stating: “Why would my entire stream be chatting? No streamer has ever done that, even if you have a streamer that has ten viewers, he probably has eight active chatters. That is the most f**king stupid thing I have ever heard! ’10K is not the end of the world,’ shut the f**k up xQc!”

xQc caught wind of Jynxzi’s comments which was going around socials, as he played it during his Twitch stream. However, halfway through he decided to mute the video and play loud music instead as he pointed towards his $300 thousand Richard Mille watch and swore at the camera in response.

He then repeatabdly asked: “Chat who is he talking to?” and said “what the f**k is all this” as he eventually finished watching Jynxzi’s clip.

“I was defending him I am so confused, what is going on. Chat, I just don’t understand it, chat, I don’t get it. Chat that was a joke because I didn’t know what to reply because I thought it was so stupid,” xQc said.

In regards to Jynxzi disputing his comments on active chatters on Twitch, he responded: “That’s now how that works.”

He further explained: “Okay, if you have the chat open or your logged in on a device and the chat is being registered on your device, you’re an active chatter. Let me explain how this works okay, basically if you’re logged in on a tab or on your phone and the chat is there and it’s either hidden or not, you’re in the chatroom.”

JynxQception then followed, as Jynxzi saw his reaction, and ended the bizarre beef by saying: “Alright i’m sorry xQc, you own me, you own me daddy, you literally have my house on your wrist. xQc i’m sorry, you own me, f**k it if you wanna say i’m viewbotting then say whatever you want.”

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