w7m esports wins Rainbow Six Invitational 2024: Final placements and recap

Jeremy Gan
w7m esports lift the Hammer at Six Invitational 2024

The Rainbow Six Invitational 2024 has ended, and it has crowned w7m esports as its winner after a nail-biting Grand Finals against FaZe Clan. Here is a recap of the Six Invitational 2024.

w7m esports came into the Six Invitational as favorites after winning back-to-back Majors in 2023 and an SI Grand Finals appearance in the same year to boot. And with SI coming to Brazil for the first time in its history, they were undoubtedly also the crowd favorites.

However, the Group stage was tough for the Brazilian super-squad as they narrowly missed out on the first seed against Virtus.pro. And in the playoffs, they lost their first-round match against Wolves Esports in a close match, knocking them down to the lower bracket early.

w7m mounted a Lower Bracket run the likes of is rarely seen, with the last we’ve seen in G2 back in 2023’s SI. They ran through the Lower Bracket, meeting their European rivals from 2023 in G2 in the LB Semifinals, winning it handedly. And beating their Group Stage rivals in Virtus.pro at the LB Finals in a close match.

In the Grand Finals, w7m went against FaZe Clan in an all-Brazilian affair at the Ginásio do Ibirapuera. Even more so, it saw the two rivaling twin brothers, Felipe “nade” Ferreria in w7m and Thiago “Handyy” Ferreria in FaZe Clan, go head-to-head in the match.

Nade consoles Handyy after winning Six Invitational 2024
nade consoles his brother Handyy after beating him in the Six Invitational 2024 Grand Final

The Grand Final was a back-and-forth affair, with FaZe winning the first map dominantly, but w7m answering back. After trading blows for four maps, both teams saw themselves at map five.

In map five, FaZe Clan took the lead early, gaining a 6-1 lead to put them at match and championship point. However, w7m mounted the greatest comeback Siege has ever witnessed to bring it all the way to overtime, and subsequently winning seven rounds in a row to lift the Hammer.

Below is everything you need to know about the Six Invitational 2024.


Rainbow Six Invitational 2024: Final standings

Placement TeamPrize money (USD)
1w7m esports$1,000,000
2FaZe Clan$450,000
4G2 Esports$170,000
5-6DarkZero Esports
7-8Spacestation Gaming
Team Bliss
9-12Bleed Esports
Ninjas in Pyjamas
Team Liquid
Wolves Esports
Team Falcons
Geekay Esports

Rainbow Six Invitational 2024: Stream and VODs

The tournament was broadcast across Twitch and YouTube on the Rainbow Six channels.

The Group Stage and the first two days of the Playoffs were broadcast on both the main R6 channels and also on a B Stream. The Twitch channel for the B Stream can be found here.

We have embedded the VOD for the Grand Finals below for your convenience.

All VODs for the Six Invitational can be found on the Rainbow Six Esports VODs YouTube channel.

Rainbow Six Invitational 2024: Schedule and Results

The Six Invitational 2024 will run from February 13 to 25. Below you can find the schedules for each stage of the tournament:

  • Group Stage: February 13 – 17
  • Playoffs: February 19 – 21
  • Finals: February 23 – 25

Six Invitational 2024 Finals

Day 3: February 25

Grand FinalFaZe Clan 2-3 w7m esports6:30 AM9:30 AM6:30 PM

Day 2: February 24

Lower Semi-FinalsG2 Esports 0-2 w7m esports6 AM9 AM2 PM
Lower FinalVirtus.Pro 1-2 w7m esports10:30 AM1:30 PM6:30 PM

Day 1: February 23

Lower Quarter-FinalsDarkZero 0-2 G2 Esports6 AM9 AM2 PM
Lower Quarter-FinalsSoniqs 0-2 w7m esports10 AM1 PM6 PM
Upper FinalFaZe Clan 2-0 Virtus.Pro1:45 PM4:45 PM9:45 PM

Six Invitational 2024 Playoffs

Day 1: February 19

Upper Round 1Wolves 2-1 w7m5 AM8 AM1 PM
Upper Round 1FaZe Clan 2-1 LOS5 AM8 AM1 PM
Upper Round 1DarkZero 2-0 Team Liquid8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
Upper Round 1Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1 FURY8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
Upper Bracket Quarter-FinalG2 Esports 1-2 FaZe Clan12 PM3 PM8 PM
Upper Bracket Quarter-FinalSoniqs 2-0 Wolves12 PM3 PM8 PM
Upper Bracket Quarter-FinalSpacestation Gaming 1-2 DarkZero3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM
Upper Bracket Quarter-FinalVirtus.Pro 2-0 Ninjas in Pyjamas3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM

Day 2: February 20

Lower Round 1FearX 0-2 w7m esports5 AM8 AM1 PM
Lower Round 1Bleed Esports 2-0 LOS5 AM8 AM1 PM
Lower Round 1Team Falcons 0-2 Team Liquid8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
Lower Round 1Team Bliss 2-1 FURY8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
Lower Round 2Ninjas in Pyjamas 1-2 w7m esports12:30 PM3:30 PM8:30 PM
Lower Round 2Spacestation Gaming 2-0 Bleed Esports12:30 PM3:30 PM8:30 PM
Lower Round 2G2 Esports 2-0 Team Liquid3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM
Lower Round 2Wolves 1-2 Team Bliss3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM

Day 3: February 21

Upper Semi-FinalsFaZe Clan 2-0 Soniqs8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
Upper Semi-FinalsDarkZero 1-2 Virtus.Pro8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
Lower Round 3Spacestation Gaming 1-2 w7m esports12:00 PM3:00 PM8:00 PM
Lower Round 3G2 Esports 2-0 Team Bliss12:00 PM3:00 PM8:00 PM

Six Invitational 2024 Group Stage

Group A

1G2 Esports16
2DarkZero Esports11
3Ninjas in Pyjamas7
5Geekay Esports2

Group B

1Spacestation Gaming13
2FaZe Clan11
3Wolves Esports11
4Team Bliss5
5Dplus KIA0

Group C

2w7m esports11
3Team Liquid9
4Bleed Esports8

Group D

5Team Falcons2

Day 1: February 13

AG2 Esports 2-0 Ninjas in Pyjamas5 AM8 AM1 PM
BSpacestation 1-2 Wolves 5 AM8 AM1 PM
ADarkZero 2-1 Geekay8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
BFaZe Clan 2-0 Dplus8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
CTeam Liquid 2-1 Virtus Pro12 PM3 PM8 PM
DLOS 2-0 Team Falcons12 PM3 PM8 PM
Cw7m 2-0 M803:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM
DSoniqs 2-0 SCARZ3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM

Day 2: February 14

AG2 Esports 2-0 FearX5 AM8 AM1 PM
BSpacestation 2-0 FaZe Clan5 AM8 AM1 PM
ADarkZero 2-0 Ninjas in Pyjamas8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
BWolves 2-0 Team Bliss8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
CVirtus Pro 2-0 M8012 PM3 PM8 PM
DSoniqs 2-0 LOS12 PM3 PM8 PM
Cw7m 2-1 Bleed Esports3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM
DFURY 2-1 Team Falcons3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM

Day 3: February 15

ANinjas in Pyjamas 2-0 FearX5 AM8 AM1 PM
BDplus 0-2 Wolves5 AM8 AM1 PM
AG2 Esports 2-0 Geekay8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
BSpacestation 2-0 Team Bliss8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
CVirtus Pro 2-1 w7m 12 PM3 PM8 PM
CTeam Liquid 1-2 Bleed Esports3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM
DSoniqs 2-0 Team Falcons3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM

Day 4: February 16

ANinjas in Pyjamas 2-1 Geekay5 AM8 AM1 PM
BFaZe Clan 2-1 Team Bliss5 AM8 AM1 PM
ADarkZero 2-0 FearX8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
BDplus 0-2 Spacestation8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
Cw7m 2-1 Team Liquid12 PM3 PM8 PM
CM80 1-2 Bleed Esports3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM
DSoniqs 2-0 FURY3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM

Day 5: February 17

AGeekay 0-2 FearX5 AM8 AM1 PM
BFaZe Clan 2-0 Wolves5 AM8 AM1 PM
AG2 Esports 2-0 DarkZero8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
BDplus 0-2 Team Bliss8:30 AM11:30 AM4:30 PM
CTeam Liquid 2-0 M8012 PM3 PM8 PM
DSCARZ 0-2 Team Falcons12 PM3 PM8 PM
CVirtus Pro 2-1 Bleed Esports3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM
DLOS 0-2 FURY3:30 PM6:30 PM11:30 PM

Rainbow Six Invitational 2024: Format

The tournament was divided into two segments, a group stage and a double elimination playoffs. 

The 20 qualified teams were split into four groups each containing five teams. All groups will be a round-robin, with all teams playing each other once. In each group, only four teams qualified for the playoffs, with the team at the bottom of their group being eliminated. 

Once all 18 teams have qualified for the playoffs, they played through a double-elimination bracket until a winner is determined. Teams were seeded into the playoff brackets based on their group stage placement. 

All group stage and most playoff matches were played as Bo3 matches, with the Grand Finals being the sole Bo5 match. 

Rainbow Six Invitation 2024: Teams and Players

Unlike previous SI iterations where teams could qualify through their regional qualifiers, 2024’s SI participating teams only qualified from the 2023/24 season’s Global Standings. 

Below is a full list of all qualified teams and players sorted by Global Standing Points:

w7m esportsBrazilHerdsZ, Kheyze, Jv92, FelipoX, nade
FaZe ClanBrazilCyber, soulz1, VITAKING, Handyy, KDS
G2 EsportsEuropeVirtue, Alem4o, Doki, Benjamaster, UUNO
SoniqsNorth AmericaGryxr, Rexen, Geometrics, CTZN, Ambi
SCARZJapanFishLike, Pyon, Taiyou, Wqsyo1, Rec
Virtus.proEuropep4sh4, Always, dan, JoyStiCK, ShepparD
DarkZero EsportsNorth Ameircanjr, Panbazou, Canadian, Beaulo, Nafe
DplusSouth Koreayass, coted, Woogiman, Soldier, dmaly
Spacestation GamingNorth AmericaFultz, Hotancold, Forrest, J9O, Ashn
LOSBrazild4sh, Dotz, L0BIN, Maia, cameram4n
Team LiquidBrazilnesk, Paluh, resetz, Lagonis, volpz
Ninjas in PyjamasBrazilPsycho, Muzi, pino, Wizard, kondz
M80North AmericaDiasLucasBr, GMZ, iconic, Spoit, Yoggah
Wolves EsportsEuropeBiBoo, Mowwwgli, P4, Shiinka, DEADSHT
Geekay EsportsMENAHashom, SRSLy, Tr1ixd, X.Ke, nudl
FURYAPACDarkk, Lycolis, BGMan, i9, KritJ
Team BlissOceaniaOdah, Fishoguy, Brendo, Sageon, Wettables
Team FalconsMENAJlad, Joker619, Okillz, P9, Q6z., Valantino
Bleed EsportsAPACAsphy, Hovenherst, MentalistC, Reeps96, Terdsta
FearXSouth KoreaGoodBoy, Arukaze, Mephi, Demic, RIN

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