Jynxzi sheds tears in heartfelt response to Sketch leaks: “He never hurt anybody”

Ethan Dean
Sketch and Jynxzi

Jynxzi, a fellow streamer and close friend of Sketch, broke down in tears in the fallout after viral leaks of the latter’s explicit content.

Twitch streamer Sketch had a rapid rise to fame over the past year, amassing over a million followers on the streaming platform. A major part of his success was his friendship with fellow content creator ‘Jynxzi‘, and the wholesome camaraderie between the two even spawned the viral “What’s up brother?” trend on TikTok.

On July 7, 2024, leaks of explicit content Sketch created years prior began surfacing online. This drew criticism from a subset of the creator’s fanbase and Sketch responded with an explanation claiming that the content was made during a struggle with “addiction”.

Responding to the situation, Jynxzi has now offered a tearful message of support, calling out fans and creators who have criticized Sketch in the aftermath of the leaks.

“Absolutely nobody is perfect,” Jynxzi told his chat during a stream. “Everybody goes through s**t, everybody has s**t and to me, bro, a friend is a friend no matter what.”

Jynxzi broke down in tears while blasting the people who had unfollowed Sketch after his past private life was leaked: “To every single person that switched up on Sketch or … all of a sudden wants to start hating Sketch, at the end of the day bro, he never hurt anybody with what he did.”

“It just sucks knowing that Sketch is probably having the worst day of his life right now,” he continued, before assuring his fans that the two had spoken recently. Later on in the stream, Jynxzi went on to praise FaZe Banks’ support of Sketch during the initial hours of the leaks going public.

In Sketch’s own response, he explained he had “been living under the threat of that [leak] coming out for two years”. The creator also admitted that he had seriously considered ending his own life when the content was exposed, and thanked Banks for being there for him.

In a follow-up on TikTok, Jynxzi dubbed Sketch his “brother for life”. He told his fans “If you support me… just send Sketch love because, at the end of the day, that’s what he needs more than anything right now”.