Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage might have already found its ending

Jasmine Valentine
Georgie and Mandy in Young Sheldon

The sequel has yet to start filming, but Young Sheldon fans think they’ve cracked how Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage will end.

Young Sheldon fans have had enough time to get over the emotional trauma of the Season 7 finale, and now the sequel Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage will soon be on screens.

Though it doesn’t start filming until July, some fans think they’ve worked out exactly how the series will end — and it all comes down to Mandy’s mom, Audrey.

For context, we already know that Georgie and Mandy will get divorced in the future, with the emphasis on “first” marriage suggesting there will be more than one. But before that, fans think Audrey is the reason for their split.

“Mandy’s mother is going to be the reason Georgie and Mandy get divorced,” one fan posted on Reddit. “I have a feeling that in the Georgie and Mandy spin-off about their marriage, Mandy’s mother is going to be the reason or at least a big reason they divorce.

“With how controlling she was and how she was acting during the show, I see her causing a lot of stress on their marriage.”

A second fan agreed: “I really despise Mandy’s mother. I hope her husband cheats on her. I predict that even little CeCe will be sick of mean old Grandma by the time she’s 6.”

As fans suggest, Audrey was essentially the villain of Young Sheldon Season 7. After trying to baptize CeCe behind Mandy’s back — competing with Mary — Audrey continued to belittle and look down on Georgie after the couple moved in with Mandy’s parents.

She just about made it to the pair’s wedding in Season 7 Episode 7, staying inside of their good graces.

However, other fans think there are a plethora of other challenges that will lead to Georgie and Mandy’s eventual divorce.

“I’m predicting that it’ll be mutual. They’ll co-parent really well,” one fan guessed, while a second predicted, “Maybe something to do with Georgie stepping up after George died as well.”

“It might not help that a teenager is married to a 30-year-old,” a third commented on the pair’s extreme age gap — something that’s bothered fans since the pair first met in Season 5 of Young Sheldon.

A fourth assumed: “Seems like we’re going to have to take sides if it lasts that long. Just like the kids in a real divorce.”

Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage is set to air on CBS in fall 2024.

All 14 episodes of Young Sheldon Season 7 are now available to stream on Paramount Plus. You can check out everything we know about Young Sheldon Season 8, as well as why the Young Sheldon finale wasn’t even about George or Sheldon at all, and other binge-worthy TV shows to add to your list.

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