Young Sheldon fans divided by theory on George’s affair

Jasmine Valentine
George Cooper Snr. in Young SheldonCBS

When it comes to George Cooper Snr.’s indiscretions, plot details are a little hazy. Now, Young Sheldon viewers have a new theory, which has quickly divided opinion.

Though Young Sheldon Season 7 is nigh on making its debut, some fans are still mulling over plot details from episodes gone by.

In new installments of the show, patriarch George Cooper Snr. is set to take a huge role, with his death – that fans know is coming thanks to The Big Bang Theory – looming over the series as it comes to an end.

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Before fans are confronted with his demise (sorry, but it’s true), many have been left scratching their heads over his affair, divided over a new fan theory.

Young Sheldon fans divided by theory on George’s affair

Though George and Mary seem to have moved on from George’s affair, fans aren’t exactly buying what Young Sheldon is selling, taking to Reddit to hash out a potential theory.

George and Mary Cooper in Young SheldonCBS

Back in Season 5, it was revealed that George had cheated on Mary with Brenda, a divorced woman who lives down the road from the Coopers. The pair ultimately decide not to divorce, with George left to try and justify why he did it – which never fully gets addressed.

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“What if the affair did happen but never got mentioned,” one Redditor mused. “Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory said that he walked in on his dad having sex with another woman. They locked eyes and then he left and never spoke of it again. What if that really did happen without us, the viewers, watching it? What do you think?”

“Could be. It’s also possible that something happened but Sheldon misinterpreted what he saw,” a second fan argued, with a third weighing in, “The problem I have with this is that throughout the YS series is he can’t keep a secret, ie Missy sneaking out.”

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This isn’t the first time that Young Sheldon has been called out over its inconsistencies compared to The Big Bang Theory, with creators later going on the record to state that they don’t feel a need to be completely beholden to the main series.

“I definitely think that could happen because the mental gymnastics George and Brenda go through when talking about how they’re not doing anything wrong seems like covering up something so much more than what we saw,” another viewer stated. “All we, the viewer, have really seen is them talking at a bar and at the chicken coup. We’ve seen Mary’s internal fantasies but haven’t seen George do that.”

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Another fan disagreed: “Based on an interview with Steve Holland at the end of last season, that seems to be the direction that the writers took. He said that there were discussions in the writers’ room on what to do about that incident and that was one possibility. Sheldon simply will never bring it up again.”

Young Sheldon Season 7 begins airing on February 15, 2024.

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