Rare type of Big Bang Theory fans emerges after Young Sheldon ends

Kayla Harrington
The cast of The Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon has ended after seven seasons — and now a new type of Big Bang Theory has emerged with a hot take about the spin-off.

A Big Bang Theory fan posted to Reddit and shared that, despite their love for the original series, they just couldn’t get into Young Sheldon.

“Big Bang Theory is top 5 in my world. I cannot even count how many times I watch it,” the user wrote. “It’s my go-to most of the time. But… I cannot stand Young Sheldon. Am I alone?”

It became very obvious that the preference wasn’t uncommon as another person commented, “Agreed, Big Bang Theory is one of three shows I continually watch reruns of, but didn’t watch more than a few episodes of YS.”

Iain Armitage as Young Sheldon

Some fans confirmed that, while they did watch Young Sheldon, it’s not made to be rewatched as one fan explained, “I actually agree with this opinion!?? They’re super different shows! BBT is a multicam sitcom and YS is a single cam. It makes a huge difference in the comedy performing for an audience vs recording a scene over and over exactly the same so the producers can get the right angle.

A third fan agreed with the rewatching point writing, “I watch both but I only rewatch TBBT somehow. And YS is definitely a different story than TBBT so your feeling is understandable.”

One Reddit user pointed out one big way Young Sheldon differed from The Big Bang Theory with the comment, “I love TBBT and I liked Young Sheldon too, but they’re quite different. Young Sheldon feels a lot more serious(?) in a way and it just doesn’t feel like a sitcom to me (eg no background laughter).”

Despite not winning over the favor of all Big Bang Theory fans, Young Sheldon was successful in its own right with its series finale breaking a huge four-year ratings record.

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