Young Sheldon fans can still hear George’s voice by calling this phone number

Cameron Frew
George on the phone in Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon fans are still grieving after George’s death — but they can hear his voice, alongside the rest of the Coopers, by calling this phone number.

The reaper came calling in Season 7 Episode 12. We knew it was coming, but we weren’t prepared: George said goodbye to his family for the last time.

The fallout of his death will be explored in Young Sheldon’s finale later this week. However, much like Mary, Meemaw, and the kids, fans aren’t ready to let George go — but don’t worry, there’s an easy way to hear his voice whenever you want.

On the show’s subreddit, fans discovered the Cooper family’s phone number in an earlier episode. It’s 409-356-6049 — and amazingly, even five seasons after it was briefly mentioned, it’s still active.

If you call it, you’ll hear Mary say, “Hey y’all, we’re the Coopers,” before George says: “We’re not home right now.”

Georgie then adds, “But you can leave a message,” and Missy says: “And we’ll call you back.” As you’d expect, Sheldon doesn’t echo their welcoming tone. “I will not be calling you back… unless you’re Professor Proton, in which case I can’t believe I missed your call.”

It was clearly created as a fun Easter egg, but as the show draws to its long-dreaded conclusion (and especially after George’s death), fans have found it rather emotional.

“Dude.. hearing George’s voice made me sad lmao,” one user wrote. “FR! I knew it was coming but I still cried,” another commented. “That was insane, I love it,” a third wrote. “Omg, thanks so much for sharing this,” a fourth added.

Movies and TV shows occasionally leave messages on seemingly fictional phone numbers; for example, Fallout fans realized they could call Vault-Tec… but it wasn’t a pleasant conversation.

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