The Crow remake: Release date, cast, plot, & more

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Bill Skarsgård and FKA twigs in The Crow remake.

The Crow remake brings the gothic 90s movie back with a new cast and a fresh twist on a familiar story.

Starring Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven (IT, Boy Kills World, Barbarian), 2024’s The Crow dredges up the 90s’ seminal dark fantasy story.

Fans have been split on the new movie, which has shown itself off with an insanely gory trailer and a more cerebral approach to the narrative.

With the original being one of the most unique romance movies of its time, let’s look at how the The Crow remake stacks up.

When is the The Crow remake release date?

The Crow remake release date is set for August 23, 2024, in the US.

It was scheduled for Friday, June 7, 2024, but was pushed back. This choice likely was made to avoid box office competition with Bad Boys 4. So, the action-fantasy directed by Rupert Sanders is releasing in August instead.

Who’s in The Crow remake cast?

Bill Skarsgård stars as Eric Draven in The Crow remake. Music artist and actor FKA twigs plays Draven’s fiancée, Shelley Webster.

Bill Skarsgård in The Crow remake.

Danny Huston, Isabella Wei, Laura Birn, Jordan Bolger, and Sami Bouajila round out the supporting cast.

The Crow remake cast list:

  • Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven
  • FKA twigs as Shelly Webster
  • Karel Dobrý as Roman
  • Isabella Wei as Zadie
  • Laura Birn
  • Danny Huston
  • Dukagjin Podrimaj as Detective Milch
  • David Bowles as Wickham
  • Paul A Maynard as Malcolm
  • Jordan Bolger
  • Sami Bouajila

What’s The Crow remake plot?

The Crow remake has the same overall plot as the original: Eric Draven is resurrected as a dark vigilante following the murder of his fiancée, Shelley, and hunts down her killers.

Bill Skarsgård in The Crow remake.

Engaged soulmates Eric and Shelly are brutally murdered when her past catches up with them. Given the chance to save her by sacrificing himself, Eric is reborn as The Crow and seeks revenge on their killers, crossing the worlds of the living and the dead to avenge her.

This is largely the same as the 1994 film, but given that the 2024 version is also an adaptation of the source material — one of the best graphic novels ever created — it could do some things differently.

Is there a The Crow remake trailer?

The Crow remake trailer was released on March 14, 2024.

While the narrative has been kept intact, stylistically the remake goes for a more modern look, with the help of CGI for Eric’s powers.

The look and tone are less grim and gritty than the original, too, with more sheen to the dark visuals.

What happened to the Jason Momoa The Crow remake?

Jason Momoa left The Crow remake alongside its previous director, Corin Hardy, for creative differences. Bill Skarsgård replaced him.

Jason Momoa and Corin Hardy posting during a The Crow makeup test.
Hardy and Momoa are good friends and Momoa tested for the role in 2018.

The reboot was initially meant to be helmed by Hardy, and Momoa was cast in the leading role, even doing a makeup/costume test. Hardy and Momoa, who described it as a “dream project”, left for creative differences.

In 2018, Hardy said on Instagram, “Sometimes, when you love something so much, you have to make hard decisions. And yesterday, deciding it was time to let go of this dark and emotional dream project, was the hardest decision of all.”

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