The Crow fans split after remake drops first insanely gory trailer

Gabriela Silva
Bill Skarsgård in The Crow 2024 as Eric Draven.

The time has come for redemption as The Crow remake has released its first trailer with Bill Skarsgård taking up the mantle as Eric Draven – but the action-packed story has fans divided.

Brandon Lee’s legacy was immortalized with his cult classic role as Eric Draven in the dark and gothic 1994 movie The Crow. While the movie spawned a franchise, Lee’s portrayal was jotted down in history.

The Crow reboot has, since its inception, not catered to fans who are devoted to the original. Bill Skarsgård stars as Eric Draven with FKA Twigs in the role of his fiancé who is murdered.

The official trailer has finally given fans a full look at what’s to be expected as true love drives a bloody path for revenge from beyond the grave. While dynamic, The Crow trailer isn’t convincing some fans.

The Crow trailer brings back Eric Draven

The trailer follows the same concept of Eric Draven being given a chance to return from the dead to avenge his beloved fiancé. Packed with gothic nuances and ties to the original, fans are split on opinion.

Skarsgård emerges as Eric Draven, showing how he meets Shelly, his love. Unlike the original movie, the two meet in prison, with Shelly having her own dark past. She witnessed things she shouldn’t have. It becomes the catalyst of the movie as they come after her for good.

The couple are brutally killed, but Eric is given a second chance to seek out blood for her death. Amid gunfire, dark criminal syndicates, and superhuman abilities, The Crow reboot shifts to a more John Wick gothic style. Some fans are excited to give the movie a chance, while others are not.

“I don’t why people are comparing Bill Skarsgård with Brandon Lee before watching the movie. He is looking good. Waiting for the release!!” said one fan on X/Twitter.

Another fan countered, saying, “Looks very bad.. It seems that we will have a complete flashback in this version. One of the things the original version did right was showing the past only in flashes. The atmosphere looks mid as well.”

“I don’t know how I feel about this one. I liked how with the Brandon Lee movie, we got a sense of mystery from the character that he truly felt like a mythical being. Despite being shot at constantly, this version still feels too vulnerable. And this remake seems more like a crime film than anything else compared to the dark tone the ’90s one had. This version seems too tame for my liking. I might skip this one,” detailed one fan.

Another fan disagreed, saying, “While my expectations say this will bomb at the box office, I say that this looks bloody brilliant, capturing the same visuals from the original, plus, Bill Skarsgård is always a win.”

The Crow is set to release on June 7, 2024. Until then, check out the new movies to be released on streaming this month.

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