The Boys: Victoria Neuman’s powers and origins explained

Kayla Harrington

The Boys Season 4 sees the return of the ambitious Victoria Neuman, but some viewers may not be familiar with her backstory.

The Boys has a huge cast of colorful characters that fans of the superhero TV show have to remember, so they can be forgiven if they don’t remember everything about Victoria.

Between memorable characters such as Homelander and Billy Butcher along with other new Supes joining the Seven, it’s easy for the people like Victoria to slip under the radar.

But, as The Boys Season 4 rolls on, let’s take a look back on who Victoria Neuman is, where she came from, and what powers she currently has.

Who is Victoria Neuman?

Victoria Neuman is a congresswoman of the United States, an anti-supe activist, and founding director of the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs. But she’s also a supe herself.

Victoria has a daughter named Zoe, who she injected with Compound V in order to turn her into a supe in Season 3. Her partner and Zoe’s father, Dr Sameer Shah, used to work for Vought’s R&D department.

When she first debuted in The Boys Season 2, Victoria was shown to be firmly against Vought’s evil agenda and went so far as to push the US House Judiciary Committee into starting a hearing about the company and its use of the drug Compound V.

Claudia Doumit as Victoria Neuman in The Boys

Her plan to expose Vought was working until her star whistleblower, the hearing’s judge, and several members of the gallery had their heads blown up right in front of the committee, letting Vought off the hook for their crimes.

However, it’s discovered at the end of the season that she was behind the head explosions in court as she is a supe herself.

In Season 3, Victoria works incredibly close with The Boys member Hughie Campbell at the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs on the project of regulating the activity of supes, all while she continued to pretend she’s not one of them.

However, her status as a supe and her dark past were eventually revealed to Hughie, who begins to believe that she may be working with Vought.

And his suspicions proved to be correct as the end of Season 3 saw Victoria teaming up with Homelander as they both completed personal tasks for the other. Victoria disclosed where Homelander’s son was being hidden and Homelander had The Deep murder one of Victoria’s political rivals.

In Season 4 Episode 6, Homelander reveals his insidious plans: he wants Robert Singer to be elected as US President so the House Speaker and other politicians can invoke the 25th Amendment. This means Victoria would become President.

Although this would work in her favor, Victoria is scared of Homelander and wants to take him down before he takes over America… and potentially the world.

What are her powers?

Victoria Neuman has the power of blood manipulation and regenerative healing. 

While she is shown to have the typical powers of super strength and super hearing, Victoria’s special ability is the power to control the blood within anyone.

She mostly shows off this power by exploding people’s heads before they can reveal any sensitive information that involves her.

She also demonstrated that she can use blood as a weapon after she cut her hand and made the blood levitate. After cutting her hand, Victoria instantly closed the wound, showcasing her intense healing abilities.

Victoria has the same powers as Marie Moreau, a Gen V supe.

Where did she come from?

Victoria grew up in the Red River Institute, a Vought-owned orphanage that houses orphan supes. She was later adopted by the former Vought CEO Stan Edgar.

Victoria was actually born Nadia Khayat and was sent to Red River after she accidentally murdered her biological parents because she couldn’t control her powers, just like Marie.

The Red River Institute in The Boys

During her time at Red River, Victoria was placed with different adoptive families, but she always ended up back in the institute because her unregulated powers caused her to murder whoever she was living with.

Finally, when she turned 12 years old, she was adopted by Stan Edgar, who used his power and influence to give her a new identity and erase any evidence of her past murders.

It was this connection to Vought that made Hughie incredibly suspicious of Victoria in Season 2, even though Victoria ended up betraying Stan in favor of staying in Homelander’s good graces.

What’s happening with Victoria in The Boys Season 4?

In The Boys Season 4, Victoria Neuman is still secretly being made to work with Homelander while running for Vice President of the United States.

Victoria started off Season 4 strong as she was in possession of Gen V’s virus that kills supes after she took Dr. Cardosa’s entire supply before murdering him.

In Episode 5, we learn that Victoria set up a lab at Edgar’s estate, allowing Sameer and a team of researchers to test the virus on V’ed up animals – but it went horribly wrong when a supe hamster broke out, trashing the place and killing most of the team.

Sameer Shah and Victoria Neuman in The Boys Season 4
Sameer Shah is the father to Victoria Neuman’s daughter

When Sameer reveals he’s got one dose left, Victoria and Butcher actually agree on something – they want to save it to kill Homelander. But, ultimately, it’s used to save them from the V’ed up farm animals.

Victoria later discovers that Sameer is missing, with an officer finding his severed leg on the estate. However, what she doesn’t know is Butcher is secretly holding him hostage (having cut off his leg) and is forcing him to recreate the supe virus.

In Episode 6, Sameer reveals that a virus strong enough to kill Homelander would mean it could become airborne – not only is Butcher worried about Ryan but Sameer is worried about Victoria and their daughter Zoe.

The Boys creator Eric Kripke previously hinted that Victoria’s desire to protect Zoe may pose a big problem for her in Season 4, telling ScreenRant, “She’s dealing with protecting her daughter.

“The world is getting scarier and scarier, and as she grows ever closer to power, I think she’s realizing that she’s made quite the devil’s bargain. And so, then her interest becomes: how does she save herself and her little girl?”

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