The Boys Season 4 Episode 4 ruthlessly roasts Spider-Man

Daisy Phillipson
Webweaver in The Boys comics and Marvel's Spider-Man

The Boys Season 4 Episode 4 has arrived, and with it comes a roast of Marvel’s friendly neighborhood hero, Spider-Man. 

As an established antidote to superhero fatigue, The Boys is packed full of MCU and DC parodies, with Homelander himself often considered to be an evil version of Superman.

Now, Eric Kripke’s series takes a jab at another beloved hero with Webweaver, The Boys’ messed up version of Spider-Man

In Season 4 Episode 4, ‘Wisdom of the Ages’, Billy Butcher mentions to Mother’s Milk about his “source,” saying he needs $50,000 to get some key info about The Seven. 

Explaining where that money was spent, Butcher says to MM, “Straight up Webweaver’s stinky spider. Heroin enemas don’t come cheap my son.”

MM shivers as he says, “I can never unsee that nasty sh*t,” to which Butcher replies, “Well, I f*cking warned you, didn’t I?”

In other words, in The Boys’ on-screen universe, rather than being the most wholesome hero, the spider-themed new Supe is a drug addict who’ll grass on his peers in return for “heroin enemas.”

Even though we don’t get to see Webweaver, we know that actor Dan Mousseau has been cast for the role in The Boys Season 4, meaning we can expect more shenanigans from the anti-Spidey in future episodes. 

He was teased in Episode 3, with one eagle-eyed fan noticing a Webweaver avatar in the Vought game Ryan was playing with Butcher. 

Sharing a screenshot, one X/Twitter user wrote, “Webweaver, the Spider-Man version from The Boys, has already been teased in Episode 3 when Ryan plays the Tournament of Heroes video game. 

“You can see him in the player selection menu. Will he make an appearance? Who knows!”

In the comics, Webweaver doesn’t have a huge role, although he’s significant, having been the first Supe taken down by Butcher and Greg Mallory. This helped to convince the CIA to back The Boys, therefore contributing to the group’s inception. 

Not a huge deal is known about Webweaver in the comics, although if Butcher’s little tidbit is anything to go by, that hasn’t stopped Kripke’s imagination from running riot.

The Boys Episodes 1-4 are streaming on Prime Video now. For more, find out whether Soldier Boy will return in Season 4, why Homelander is obsessed with milk, and what Sister Sage did to her brain. You can also check out the new TV shows heading to streaming this month.

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