Has Mother’s Milk been recast for The Boys Season 4?

Christopher Baggett
Mother's Milk as seen in The Boys Season 4 trailer

Mother’s Milk looks very different in The Boys Season 4, leaving some fans wondering what happened and if he was recast.

When The Boys Season 4 trailer dropped, fans ate up all the teases for the next installment of the superhero TV show.

The trailer hinted at some of our The Boys Season 4 theories, showcasing where things will go after Season 3’s climactic Soldier Boy and Homelander showdown.

But, fans quickly noted Mother’s Milk’s appearance had changed significantly. So, what’s going on?

Has Mother’s Milk been recast?

No, Mother’s Milk has not been recast. Laz Alonso does look a little different, but it’s still him.

Alonso simply lost weight and shaved, leading to the stark difference. So, no new actor, same guy, just less facial hair.

Why do people think he’s been recast?

Some fans thought Mother’s Milk was recast because actor Laz Alonso looks different in Season 4.

“Mother’s milk looks different and there’s no soldier boy in the trailer????” one confused fan said on X/Twitter. “MM done aged like 15 years.” another commented. “Mother’s milk looks weird without his mustache and beard.” one user added.

A lot of the confusion can be attributed to Alonso simply having no facial hair. Mother’s Milk has typically had a fuller beard, but the actor shaved. Mother’s Milk is rocking a stylish new soul patch.

The actor is also much slimmer than he previously was. However, that’s simply Alonso’s workout regime paying off. The actor has shared his progress on social media for years, using the platform to discuss his efforts.

Who plays Mother’s Milk?

Actor Laz Alonso plays Mother’s Milk on The Boys. Alonso joined the show in 2018, being cast alongside fellow Boys members Jack Quaid and Karen Fukuhara.

Mothers' Milk, Kimiko and Hughie from The Boys Season 4 trailer
Mother’s Milk is in The Boys Season 4 despite falling out with Billy Butcher.

Before The Boys, Alonzo was known as a supporting actor in several 2000s hits, including Fast & Furious and Jarhead. In 2009’s Avatar, he was the Omatikaya warrior Tsu’tey.

His breakthrough started in 2010, with prominent roles on fan-favorite shows like Southland, Breakout Kings, and The Mysteries of Laura. Since The Boys, he has also appeared in Power Book II: Ghost and My Dad the Bounty Hunter.

Mother’s Milk gets a promotion

Mother’s Milk has taken over from Butcher as the Commanding Officer for The Boys in Season 4.

With Butcher dying, and acting more reckless than ever, it made sense for MM to step up and take his place. Throughout the first four new episodes of The Boys, we’ve seen MM making some pretty shrewd decisions and proving himself to be a really good leader.

While you wait for more from Season 4, check out our ranking of The Boys seasons and The Boys most shocking moments. Or you can also learn about new TV shows streaming this year, like The Penguin TV show, or look ahead to Invincible Season 3. Speaking of milk, by the way, here’s why Homelander is obsessed with milk.

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