The Boys fans notice hilarious detail in Season 4’s Human Centipede scene

Daisy Phillipson
Splinter in The Boys Season 4

The Boys Season 4 made its much-anticipated premiere this week, with fans noticing one hilarious detail in the Human Centipede homage. If you know, you know. 

With three new episodes to binge, the R-rated superhero series has debuted with a bang, with plenty more gruesome gore and X-rated incidents to leave jaws on the floor. 

In Season 4 Episode 2, The Boys head to a conspiracy event at the Vought Garden Inn to track down the new Supe Sister Sage, and it’s safe to say a lot of mayhem ensued. 

Before we get into it, let it be known that we’re entering spoiler territory and about to discuss explicit material.

Now that’s out of the way… At the anti-Starlighter event, we meet Splinter, a Supe with the power to self-replicate. In one scene, Frenchie and Kimiko go to find out what he’s doing, following him into the spa.

After hearing some unusual noises coming from the sauna, they open the door, only to find six versions of Splinter all rimming each other, Human Centipede style, as the front one jerks off to a photo of Firecracker. 

Since Splinter is also killed off later in the episode, viewers are finding it hilarious that this is Supernatural actor Rob Benedict’s experience on The Boys. What’s more, Amazon Prime Video was in on the joke.

Still from The Boys Season 4 Episode 2

If you pause at any moment in the Human Centipede scene, the trivia section reads: “Actor Rob Benedict wants us to remind everyone that he studied Shakespeare at Northwestern University. There is no contractual obligation for us to carry out this request. This is merely a kind gesture.”

It was the least they could do. The trivia has been shared on Reddit, with the poster writing, “The Amazon X-Ray note for *that* scene in Season 4 Episode 2 is hilarious.”

“Rob Benedict fell from grace,” joked another, while a third quipped, “Rob Benedict hangs dong. There, I said it.”

Over on X/Twitter, one The Boys fan said, “I was already dying from that scene but this took me OUT.”

Others noted the pink eye trivia. If you’re this far into the story, that means you’ve seen the episode, which means you’ll know that when The Boys take on Splinter(s), Frenchie notices he has pink eye from his sauna activities. 

If you move your cursor across the screen or pause at this moment, a fact box reads, “Many people assume that fecal particles entering the eye are the primary cause of pink eye. Kids, wash your hands and don’t be gross! (Also, your parents shouldn’t be letting you watch this series.”

Still from The Boys Season 4 Episode 2

In response to this, one X/Twitter user wrote, “The pinkeye trivia got me.” Another quipped, “After watching The Boys I’m never looking at pink eye the same.”

Most of all, The Boys fans are singing Benedict’s praises for his… commitment to the role. 

“Couldn’t be prouder of @RobBenedict and his utter commitment to his roles,” wrote one, while another said, “That was traumatic in a fun way… thanks I guess?”

The Boys Season 4 Episodes 1-3 are available to stream on Prime Video now. Check out how the Gen V timeline ties in and the Season 4 theories. You can also find more TV shows streaming this month, as well as the best TV shows of 2024 so far.

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