The Boys showunner reveals one thing Amazon asked him to stop doing in Season 4

Chris Tilly
The Deep with hands on hips in The Boys.

The Boys is one of the most shocking shows on television, but there’s one thing the creators were told to pull back on during the current Season 4.

The Boys gets away with murder – both metaphorically and literally – on Amazon Prime Video. There’s been the Herogasm episode, a Human Centipede homage, and deaths of the most graphic and grisly kind.

But in a new interview with UNILAD, showrunner Eric Kripke has revealed that his bosses asked him to stop writing one specific thing into his scripts – octopus sex.

Season 3 featured a scene where The Deep is caught having sexual relations with an octopus, which didn’t go down well with standards and practices, causing the streamer to make that unusual plea.

“They made a very respectful request this season to not have so much graphic octopus f**king,” Kripke explained. “Because apparently, standards, you know, content and standards, has certain FCC rules against bestiality.”

The Boys doesn’t play by the rules however, meaning Kripke hasn’t written the octopus out. Instead, the creature gets an expanded role in Season 4, and even a voice, courtesy of Tilda Swinton.

Otherwise, Kripke says that the streamer doesn’t interfere: “They’ve been really amazing. You know, even when we’re taking, like, shots at Amazon, I mean, they just, they’re very open, and they give us an incredible amount of freedom.”

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