Thanksgiving 2: Everything we know

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Thanksgiving 2 is at the top of every gorehound’s wish list, so here’s what we know about a sequel to Eli Roth’s slasher, including any release date updates and more.

The famed Hostel and Cabin Fever director has developed a new holiday horror that’s a feast. Dexerto’s review of Thanksgiving gives it a bloody thumbs up thanks to its detailed and gruesome murders by serial killer John Carver.

Plagued by the tragic events of Black Friday a year prior, the main characters are on the guest list to become the meal at John Carver’s Thanksgiving table. Jessica (Nell Verlaque), her friends, and her family try to survive before the timer’s up.

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The storyline has fans questioning who’s behind the mask. By the ending, it leaves a cliffhanger of what’s in store for a possible Thanksgiving 2. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Is there going to be a Thanksgiving 2?

Eli Roth has confirmed that he will return to direct Thanksgiving 2.

In an interview with The Boston Globe, Roth said he would “love” to create a sequel. “I had such a great time in that world. I have a lot more to say, but that’s up to the fans,” he said.

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“If people come out and they go see the movie, I will dive back in and I will try to outdo myself with a sequel.”

Roth also spoke about the possibility of exploring other holidays, with the killer popping up during Christmas, Easter, and other times of the year.

“I mean, I’d love to cross-pollinate holidays. I have so many different ideas, and my brain goes to a lot of strange places, as you can imagine, but we’re so close to the movie coming out that I almost feel like I’m going to jinx it,” he told Fangoria.

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“The only way we get a sequel is if everyone comes out and sees it opening weekend, and the movie’s a hit. If the movie makes money, then they’ll say, ‘What do you want to do next?’ And I’d love to do another one.

“We have a bunch of ideas, and I think you just kind of go with your gut. We’ll see it with audiences, we’ll feel it out. What worked? What didn’t work? What do we try? What do we not want to repeat? What’s our favorite part of it? We have a lot of different ways, different stories, and different things we could do, but I would love to continue it. But I only want to do it if I can top the first one. We don’t want to rush it and have the franchise suck.”

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Thanksgiving 2 could bring back the killer

The ending of Thanksgiving isn’t a closed-and-shut case, as John Carver (aka Sheriff Newlon) isn’t found by authorities after Jessica blows him up to escape. With Eli Roth open to Thanksgiving 2.

The reign of John Carner may not be over just yet and could lead to a Thanksgiving 2. After Jessica learns that Sheriff Newlon (Patrick Dempsey) is the killer and livestreams his confession, she escapes with the help of Bobby (Jalen Thomas Brooks). Trying to thwart his advances, they try to escape in a tow truck. Jessica opens the valve to inflate one of the parade’s turkey inflatables as part of her plan.

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Sheriff Newlon is quick and ties the truck to a metal rig stopping them. With him advancing, Jessica finds a musket rifle, which was hinted at her using earlier in the movie. Seeing her chance as Sheriff Newlon gets closer to the nearly filled inflatable, she fires. It causes the gases in the inflatable to combust – creating an explosion. It supposedly kills Sheriff Newlon and allows her and Bobby to escape.

In the aftermath, the fire department left with the charred inflatable. Many are led to believe that Sheriff Newlon’s body is wrapped in it. But a fireman tells an officer that nothing could have survived the blast – likely implying they couldn’t find his body. That night Jessica is in bed with Ryan (Milo Manheim) and she’s unable to sleep. She becomes paranoid about her closet.

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She gets up to check and finds nothing. In a jump scare cliffhanger, Thanksgiving ends with a charred and burnt Sheriff Newlon appearing from fiery flames and attacking Jessica.

The cliffhanger is either a telling of Jessica’s trauma from the events that will continue to haunt her, or a clue that Sheriff Newlon isn’t dead. He could return as John Carver in Thanksgiving 2.

Is there a Thanksgiving 2 release date?

As of right now there is no confirmed release date for Thanksgiving 2. However, according to DiscussingFilm, Thanksgiving 2 is aiming for a 2025 release.

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As the movie hasn’t even been green-lit, and considering the time it took for the first film to become a reality, we could be waiting for a while – but we’ll keep you updated with any new information.

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