LEGO Barad-Dur set officially goes on sale with free Fell Beast

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An adult with their The LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr set

LEGO has finally released the much-anticipated The Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr set. Here are the highlights.

With its accurate design and detailing, impressive proportions, exclusive minifigures, and neat functions, The LEGO The Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr set is a magnificent piece of kit. In addition, it’s the first brick-built version of Barad-dûr, making it a must-have for collectors.

Here are the highlights of this set, how much it costs, and where you can buy it.

Where to buy the LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr set

This kit is exclusive to the LEGO Store and is priced at $459.99. Although pricey, considering its piece count, it’s not that expensive. In addition, when purchasing this set, LEGO will throw in a Fell Beast model for free. It’s worth noting that this promotional gift is only available until June 7, 2024, or while stocks last.

The The LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr on display

Designed for The Lord of the Rings enthusiasts aged 18 and up, this set comprises 5471 pieces that click together to assemble an exquisitely accurate model of Sauron’s fortress in Mordor. 

The set is brimming with an array of authentic exterior and interior design details. There are also several functional elements, such as an automated black gate that opens and closes by rotating a brick on the side of the build.

However, the pièce de résistance of this kit is undoubtedly the Eye of Sauron. Sited atop the four-story fortress, the ever-watchful eye is made up of vibrant orange pieces.

The The LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr interior

According to LEGO enthusiast Adam Nies from Beyond the Brick, assembling the Eye of Sauron is the best part of the building experience. Influencer JANGBRiCKS has mentioned they are glad the Eye of Sauron comprises only LEGO pieces, like the incorporation of Ninjago sword elements. In addition, Nies said great techniques have been used to ensure the correct shape.

A neat addition, a Light brick is included to add to the authenticity of the Eye of Sauron. However, reviewers mentioned that it’s not very bright.

However, the completed build is impressive and has awesome display value. The model stands a 32.5 inches tall, 17.5 inches wide, and 12 inches deep.

The The LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr interior

The set ships with a great selection of minifigures. Of the 10, eight are unique to this set. These are Sauron, Mouth of Sauron, Gothmog, an Orc warrior, an Orc chef, a couple of Grunts, and an all-new minifigure of Gollum. Nies stated that the detail of each is immaculate.

However, Nies mentions that including updated Frodo and Sam minifigures would have been a welcome addition to this set. The minifigures of these two characters are the same as those found in the Rivendell kit.

The The LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr interior

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