Sonic Prime voice cast & characters

The characters in Sonic Prime Season 2Netflix

To mark the release of Season 2, here’s everyone you need to know in the Sonic Prime voice cast and all the characters they play.

Sonic Prime launched on Netflix in December last year, coming from the minds of Justin Peniston and Duncan Rouleau and developed by Man of Action, the collective behind Ben 10 and Ultimate Spider-Man. It was a success, praised by fans and attracting solid viewership.

The voice of SEGA’s blue blur has a long history: after Takeshi Kusao and Misato Nishimura in the ’90s, Jaleel White provided the first official English voice of the character, paving the way for the likes of Ben Schwartz in the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movies and Roger Craig Smith’s extensive tenure.

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So, with Sonic Prime Season 2 dropping on Netflix this week, here’s everyone you need to know in the show’s cast.


Sonic Prime voice cast & characters

Below, we’ve listed all the major characters in the voice cast of Sonic Prime and a brief description of who they are. Warning: it may dip into spoiler territory.

The official synopsis reads: “The action-packed adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog go into overdrive when a run-in with Dr. Eggman results in a literal universe-shattering event. Desperate to piece his prime reality back together and save his old friends, Sonic races through the Shatterverse, discovering strange worlds and enlisting new friends in an epic adventure of a lifetime!”

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Sonic: Deven Mack

Sonic and Deven Mack, who voices them in the Sonic Prime voice castNetflix

Deven Mack plays Sonic the Hedgehog.

His official description reads: “Our hedgehog hero. Though he’s gotten good at dispatching Dr. Eggman with ease, Sonic would rather be racing around Green Hill collecting rings, or just chowing down on a chili dog. A Spin Dash-first, ask questions-later sort of guy, Sonic has a tendency to try and save the day solo.”

Mack has also lent his voice to the likes of Total Drama Island, Transformers: BotBots, Mary and Flo On the Go, and several animated Marvel projects, including LEGO Marvel Avengers TV shows.

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Dr. Eggman: Brian Drummond

Mr Dr Eggman and Brian Drummond, who voices them in the Sonic Prime voice castNetflix

Brian Drummond plays Sonic’s longtime foe, Dr. Eggman.

“Sonic’s eternal nemesis, still bent on global domination with his army of Badnik robots. Dr. Eggman hatches a plan to mine the Paradox Prism and harness its world-bending energy to transform the paradise of Green Hill into a mechanistic dystopia. When the Prism shatters, rocketing Sonic into the alternate realities of the Shatterverse, we get an up-close look at what life would be like if Dr. Eggman actually prevailed.”

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Drummond also voiced Knuckles and Stripes in 1999’s Sonic Underground, as well as lending his talents to Dragon Ball Z, Hot Wheels: World Race, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, and Dragon Ball Super.

Tails: Ashleigh Ball

Tails Nine and Ashleigh BallNetflix

Ashleigh Ball plays Tails, as well as the character’s variants: Nine, Mangey Tails, and Sails Tails.

“Ever since Sonic saved him from a couple of bullying brutes, Tails has looked up to him and served as his sidekick. Using his twin tails to fly like a helicopter, he’s the brainiac of the bunch, crafting all sorts of gadgets to help the crew battle their foes. Tails always looks before he leaps, and if Sonic would just stop and listen to him, things would go a whole lot smoother.”

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Ball has other voice roles in the Barbie movies, Bratz, Johnny Test, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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Amy Rose: Shannon Chan-Kent

Shannon Chan-Kent and Amy Rose, who voices them in the Sonic Prime voice castNetflix

Shannon Chan-Kent plays Amy Rose, as well as her variants: Rusty Rose, Thorn Rose, and Black Rose.

“A protector of nature with a pure heart, Amy puts her friends first. But don’t be fooled by this hedgehog’s gentle exterior. Where she may lack the speed of the rest of the crew, she makes up for it with the raw power of her signature Piko Piko Hammer, which she uses to dispatch Dr. Eggman’s Badniks with ease.”

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Chan-Kent also starred in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, as well as voicing Misa Amane in the English dub of Death Note.

Knuckles: Adam Nurada / Vincent Tong

Adam Nurada, Knuckles, and Vincent Tong, who voices them in the Sonic Prime voice castNetflix

Adam Nurada plays Knuckles, while Vincent Tong plays his variants: Renegade Knuckles, Gnarly Knuckles, and Knuckles the Dread.

“Knuckles might be the last of his kind, but he never gives up on the fight. Driven by duty and no time for fun and games, the unflappable Knuckles uses his namesake spiked knuckles to bash down Badniks, climb, and break through seemingly impenetrable barriers to save his friends.”

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Nurada also has roles in The Guava Juice Show, Dragalia Lost, and Adventures of Ayuma. Tong has enjoyed extensive voice work in the likes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Sushi Pack, Kid vs. Kat, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Ninjago.

Rouge: Kazumi Evans

Rouge and Kazumi Evans, who voices them in the Sonic Prime voice castNetflix

Kazumi Evans plays Rouge, as well as her variants: Rebel Rouge, Prim Rouge, and Batten Rouge.

“Rouge the Bat is a cunning spy and a ferocious flying fighter, who packs a wicked kick. An expert thief with a weakness for jewels, she’s had her eye on the Paradox Prism for a long time. A mercenary by nature, she’s happy to team up with Sonic and friends — when their interests align.”

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Evans has also voiced Saffi on Bob the Builder, Madeline on The Deep, and Skipper in the Barbie films.

Shadow: Ian Hanlin


Ian Hanlin plays Shadow, Sonic’s rival and frenemy.

“Sonic’s biggest rival and all-too-serious foil, Shadow’s signature Air Shoes allow him to match Sonic in speed. He hunts for Chaos Emeralds to power his Chaos Control technique to bend space-time and teleport, allowing him to guide Sonic at key points on his journey through the Shatterverse.”

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Hanlin is also known for voicing Sunburst in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Lance Richmond in Nexo Knights, Acronix in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and Ralph in Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force.

Big the Cat: Ian Hanlin

Big the Cat and Ian HanlinNetflix

Ian Hanlin also voices Big the Cat.

“Despite his imposing size, Big the Cat is a gentle giant who would prefer to relax and fish with his friend Froggy at his side. But he can be counted on to help Sonic and friends in a pinch!”

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That’s everyone we know in the Sonic Prime voice cast. Season 2 is streaming on Netflix now, and you can find out everything we know about Season 3 here.

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