Total Drama Island Revival: Plot, characters & everything we know

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The Total Drama franchise is back, with a new revival season confirmed to be on the way soon. Here is everything you need to know about the beloved cartoon show’s return from release date, characters and settling.

The Total Drama franchise is a beloved cartoon. One that spoofs the reality TV series Survivor in a way that is both fun for children as well as adults. While the series was at peak popularity during its run on Cartoon Network during the 2000s, the franchise is confirmed to be back.

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With a new Total Drama Island Revival season confirmed and will be dropping soon, here is everything we know so far about the upcoming animated series. From characters, release date, setting and more.


Total Drama Island Revival release predictions: When is the show back?

At the time of writing, an official release date for the Total Drama Island Revival is yet to be confirmed. However, we do know that 2 seasons have been ordered by HBO. Meaning, there is a good chance one will come out later in 2023 and another sometime in 2024.

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When asked by a fan on Twitter about the current progress on Total Drama 2023’s second season, series producer Terry McGurrin, explained that the team is already close to finishing the second batch of episodes, “Today we are watching the rough leica for the finale of the second season. So very close to finished!”

Check back in with this section as we make sure to keep it updated with the latest release date updates for you.

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Total Drama Island Revival plot: What is the show about?

The Total Drama franchise is very much so a spoof of the popular American reality TV show survivor. Each season features a cast of character, all of which have to make it through challenges, getting voted off by fellow contestants and then beat out the remaining few to take home the prize at the end.

Total Drama Island plotCartoon Network
Total Drama is a satirical animated version of Survivor

While early seasons of the show took place at an Island, some have gone around the world as well as in other locations such as a camp. One thing is for sure, Total Drama always incldues lots of laughs, backstabbing and satired.

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Total Drama Island Revival characters: Who will be back?

Part of what made Total Drama such a hit in the 2000s was the extended roster of characters it includes. From the likes of Gwen, Duncan, Heather and more, fans of the show constantly debate who the best is. Which winners were worthy as well as which characters deserved to take home the gold but never did.

Total Drama Island castCartoon Network
The Total Drama characters are what makes the show so special

However, it has been confirmed that the revival of Total Drama Island will feature a whole new roster of characters for fans to fall in love with. Who these people will be is still yet to be revealed, so we’ll update this section when the characters are announced.

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However, Total Drama’s host Chris McLean will once again be back to run the show. As will his right hand man and camp cook Chef Hatchet. 

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