Secret Invasion breaks MCU record with lowest critic score in franchise history

Ethan Dean
Secret Invasion Marvel press images

The verdict is in for the final episode of Marvel’s Secret Invasion and it’s pretty bleak. The entire season has been critically panned and episode 6 didn’t do much to save it.

Secret Invasion’s run has been lukewarm to put it kindly. Fans and critics alike haven’t found much to endear them to Marvel’s streaming thriller.

Fan theories about a certain Skrull’s parentage and guesswork on which characters were secret aliens weren’t enough to keep viewers engaged.

Our own review called the Secret Invasion episode 6 “a dire snooze” and that seems to be the consensus. The show’s Rotten Tomatoes score is a dismal 13%, the lowest rating for any MCU media since it kicked off in 2008.

Gravik the Super-Skrull in Secret Invasion
One of the show’s antagonists was theorized to be Nick Fury’s son.

A season-spanning problem

Secret Invasion’s episode 6 isn’t alone in its poor reception. Not a single episode in the show’s run has managed a ‘Fresh’ certification on Rotten Tomatoes:

  • Episode 1 – 52%
  • Episode 2 – 50%
  • Episode 3 – 38%
  • Episode 4 – 38%
  • Episode 5 – 50%
  • Episode 6 – 13%

Critics all admonished the show’s lackluster action, monotonous plot, and shoddy dialogue. The saving grace appeared to be actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Kingsley Ben-Adir who injected as much charisma as they could into the material.

Their performances only seemed to highlight the show’s wider set of problems though. “Samuel L. Jackson deserved a project befitting his talent and Secret Invasion squandered that potential,” reported But Why Tho’s Allyson Johnson in her review.

Emilia Clarke Secret Invasion
Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke was also praised for her performance as G’iah.

Secret Invasion’s seasonal rating currently sits at 58% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s the lowest-scored of Marvel’s Disney+ shows. The second lowest of all of Marvel’s TV offerings if you include Netflix’s Iron Fist and its 38% rating.

Secret Invasion Episodes 1-6 are available to stream on Disney+ now. Check out our other coverage below: