Secret Invasion: Is Gravik Nick Fury’s son?

Chris Tilly
Kingsley Ben-Adir as Gravik in Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion is half-way through its six episode run, end the evidence is mounting that her Nick Fury and villain Gravik might be related.

Episode 3 of Secret Invasion was filled with intrigue and revelations. We’re now thinking that James “Rhodey” Rhodes might be a Skrull. While there was drama concerning Emilia Clarke’s character G’iah.

Being a spy thriller there’s twists and turns aplenty, and we’re thinking there might be a major revelation as the show heads towards its endgame. One that involves both hero and villain.

So we’re going to look at the evidence that Gravik is Nick Fury’s son. Meaning potential Secret Invasion SPOILERS ahead.

Secret Invasion: Is Gravik Nick Fury’s son?

Yes – we believe that Gravik is Nick Fury’s adoptive son. Here’s why…

Young Gravik is introduced during Episode 2 during a flashback to 1997. A Skrull woman names Varra tells Fury that the child was orphaned during the war, but survived by single-handedly piloting a ship to safety.

Fury immediately forms a connection with the boy, touching foreheads as a mark of respect, and signing him up to the cause in spite of his young age.

At the end of that episode, we learn that Nick is living with – and married to – a woman called Priscilla, who also happens to be Skrull. The implication being that Priscilla is Varra.

Season 3 flashes back to 1998, where we see the pair of them flirt in a scene that confirms Priscilla is Varra. Then cuts to them arguing in the present-day, where Fury asks: “Have you been in touch with Gravik while I was gone?” Priscilla immediately becomes defensive, but notably doesn’t answer the question.

Then at the end of the episode, she receives a call, and states that she “needs” to speak to Gravik. So there’s definitely an ongoing connection there.

A Nick Fury twist is coming…

Kningsley Ben-Adir has previously discussed Gravik’s mysterious past, telling Collider: “There were iterations early on where there were scenes that maybe didn’t make the cut, or parts of the backstory where he did have — well, yeah, he had a family, and yeah, at what point did it shift? I think, realistically speaking, it has to have been a long time since he has felt [love] – maybe when he was a kid.”

While director Ali Salem told SFX (as reported here): “The audience can always trust Nick Fury, even though there’s a twist in the show… we knew the working part of Nick Fury, but we never knew anything about his personal life. We never knew what his demons were. We never knew what his home life secrets were.”

So might one of those secrets be Priscilla/Varra raising Gravik as their own? Fury has made no secret of this particular conflict being personal, which is why his new hobby is “revenge.” And when Maria Hill was killed, he claimed it was to hurt him. Meaning it’s personal for the protagonist too, which would make sense if they are related.

And with Secret Invasion thus far focussing on family – from Fury’s heartbreaking moment with Hill’s mother, to Talos’s collaboration with estranged daughter G’iah ending in tragedy – it works thematically too. So don’t be surprised if the big revelation to come is that Fury and Gravik are indeed father and son.

Secret Invasion Episode 4 hits Disney+ on July 12. Check out our other coverage below:

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