Secret Invasion Episode 6: Finale ending explained

Cameron Frew
A still from the ending of Secret Invasion Episode 6

The ending of Secret Invasion features a Super-Skrull brawl, a long-awaited execution, and more – so, here’s how Episode 6 ends.

Gravik put Nick Fury in a near-impossible situation in the previous episode of Secret Invasion: with the help of fake Rhodey, they’ve almost convinced the president to launch a retaliatory strike on Russia after the attack on Ritson’s convoy. It would kick off World War III, as well as wipe out the lives of all those living in New Skrullos.

Fury was offered the power to stop it, but at a huge price: Gravik will call off the strike in exchange for “the Harvest“, a collection of the Avengers’ DNA from the Battle of Earth in Endgame, so he can become the ultimate Super-Skrull.

So, with Secret Invasion Episode 6 streaming on Disney+ now, here’s a breakdown of the finale’s ending.

Secret Invasion ending explained

Secret Invasion ends with Gravik being killed by G’iah, who becomes a Super-Skrull with all the powers from the Harvest. Skrull Rhodey is also shot in the head by Fury, fuelling Ritson to wage war on all alien species on Earth. Fury then returns to the S.A.B.E.R. space station, but he takes Priscilla with him to negotiate a peace treaty with the Kree.

Gravik is suckered into thinking he can kill Fury once he gets the powers from the Harvest, but it had actually been G’iah in disguise the whole time, while Fury made light work of Rhodey’s team at the hospital alongside Sonya. G’iah eventually kills him with a massive energy beam through the chest.

As Fury starts to edge out Rhodey in convincing the president he’s a Skrull, Rhodey tries to grab a gun and kill him, but Fury shoots him in the head first. As he falls to the ground, he returns to his alien form. Meanwhile, G’iah frees all of the humans locked in fracking pods, including Everett Ross and the real Rhodey.

Ritson overreacts to the recent events and calls Congress to authorize an emergency bill that designates all “off-world born species as enemy combatants,” which Fury describes as “real one-term president stuff.” With the US trying to kill them all, Sonya offers G’iah a deal: “I will use you, and you will use me, and we’ll make this planet safe for all of our people.”

In the final scene, Fury prepares to go back to S.A.B.E.R. when Priscilla, aka Varra, shows up. He reveals that the Kree are now open to peace talks with the Skrulls, but he wants her to come with him, as she’s the best diplomat they have. “We’re better together,” Fury says, but Priscilla returns to her Skrull form. “I just wanted to tell you that I love you, as I am,” she says. “Only as you are,” Fury responds, and they head into space together.

As for whether or not there’s a post-credits scene setting up The Marvels, click here.

Secret Invasion Episodes 1-6 are available to stream on Disney+ now. Check out our other coverage below:

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