Secret Invasion Episode 4: Is Talos dead?

Cameron Frew
Talos in Secret Invasion Episode 4

Secret Invasion Episode 4 ends with an action-packed effort to save the President of the United States – but is Talos dead?

Considering its nippy 38-minute runtime, the fourth episode of Secret Invasion is a pivotal installment of the series: we get full confirmation that Rhodey is a Skrull (although it’s unclear if the real Rhodey is locked in a fracking pod somewhere), G’iah returns as a Super-Skrull, and we find out more about Fury and Priscilla’s path.

Most notably, we see Gravik’s latest terrorist attack: an ambush on President Ritson’s convoy after landing in England, staged to look like it was the Russians. There’s rockets, gunfire, and even some Groot-powered Super-Skrull action.

However, it ends on one hell of a bombshell, so you may be wondering: did Talos really die in Secret Invasion?

Is Talos dead in Secret Invasion?

Yes, Talos died in Secret Invasion Episode 4.

Earlier in the episode, he reunited with his daughter and explained his hope that the president, along with everyone else in the world, would see the heart of the Skrulls and eventually allow them to stay. She called him delusional and stormed off.

Towards the end, Talos and Nick Fury rush to save Ritson as Gravik and his crew tear through the Secret Service. As Talos tries to break into the president’s car to save him, he’s shot by Kagon. His wound doesn’t stop him, but it does cause him to slowly return to Skrull form.

“He’s a bloody alien,” a nearby soldier says as they notice Talos’ green face, but Fury insists he’s with him. Once the president is secured, that same soldier helps Talos up, but Fury notices something off. “Put him down now,” he tells him, and after he shoots him, he’s revealed to be Gravik in disguise. Gravik then stabs Talos in the chest, killing him, and when Fury tries to shoot Gravik again, his Extremis powers allow him to instantly heal.

The episode ends with Fury driving away with the president, leaving Talos’ body among the dead as reinforcements arrive.

While Talos’ death seems permanent, we did literally just see G’iah come back to life – so who knows? Perhaps Talos became a Super-Skrull after his conversation with his daughter.

Secret Invasion Episode 5 hits Disney+ on July 19. Check out our other coverage below: