Saw X soundtrack: Full score and tracklist

Gabriela Silva
Tobin Bell as John Kramer in Saw X

John Kramer, portrayed by Tobin Bell, returns in top form in the newest addition to the Saw series, Saw X. This installment guarantees a spine-chilling and captivating showcase of horror, expertly complemented by the musical brilliance of Charlie Clouser, the mastermind behind the soundtrack.

Fans aren’t done with John as Saw X takes place between the first and second movies. Battling cancer, he’s tricked into an expensive life-saving procedure to remove his brain tumor. He later learns it was a lie and a scam to take his money. Still dying, John decides to do what he does best and begin a new gruesome nightmare horror of traps for his next group of victims.

Just as infamous are the Saw franchise’s characters, trap, gore, and the creepy doll – so is its soundtrack. Helming the chilling scores from the series since its inception is none other than Charlie Clouser. He originally joined the project as a favor but found himself just as devoted to Jigsaw as fans were with Saw X now ready to haunt people’s nightmares.

A horror movie is only as good as its soundtrack to elicit the perfect amount of drama, scare, and trepidation of death. Here’s everything to know about the Saw X soundtrack.

Saw X soundtrack: Tracklist of score and composer

For the horror fans who find an odd sense of peace from listening to Clouser’s work in the Saw X soundtrack, here’s the full tracklist:

  • ‘Prognosis’
  • ‘Henry Hope’
  • ‘Meet Gabriela’
  • ‘Tequila’
  • ‘Craniotomy’
  • ‘What Happens?’
  • ‘Abandoned’
  • ‘Hello Diego’
  • ‘Skylight’
  • ‘Main Room’
  • ‘Hello Valentina’
  • ‘Gabriela’s Next’
  • ‘Parker Arrives’
  • ‘Hello Mateo’
  • ‘U Guys R Sick’
  • ‘Hello Gabriela’
  • ‘Playtime’s Over’
  • ‘Blood Board’
  • ‘Blood Board (edit)’
  • ‘Zepp X’
  • ‘Walk Out’
  • ‘Post Credits X’

Clouser has been a part of the horror franchise from the get-go and has helped bring Kramer’s story to life. In an interview with Slash Film, he explained, “There are some elements in the score for all of the Saw movies that I subconsciously feel like they have to be there. Whether it’s a particular sound, like the sound of a violin bow on this bow metal instrument that I have or whatever. So there are some sonic molecules that I always feel can only be used in a “Saw” movie that I don’t use anywhere else, in any other type of scoring project.”

No worries Saw fans, Clouser revealed he isn’t done with the franchise. “I will do them all. They’re going to have to pry the Saw franchise from my cold dead hands,” he said.

Saw X soundtrack streaming and vinyl

The soundtrack for Saw X is readily available to stream on Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

Saw fans can listen to Clouser’s score whenever they feel the need for a bit of horror. It also makes for a great playlist during a Halloween party. The choices are endless. For now, Saw X will release official merch to die for.

When it comes to the vinyl version, fans will have to cross their fingers as there are no plans just yet. An exclusive interview with Charlie Clouser for Dexerto revealed he hopes there will be plans for a vinyl, but not as a standalone. “We have no immediate plans for a vinyl or physical release of just Saw X,” he explained.

“Once we find out if there really are plans for a Saw 11, then we can kind of gauge whether we want to perhaps do a vinyl edition that encompasses Spiral and Saw x, or whether we want to wait a second and do an anthology part three that picks up where the previous anthologies left off, and bundles together.

“We kind of feel like we have a lot to live up to with the fantastic packaging, and the way it was presented in the anthology one and two. So I’d like to continue that and do like anthology part three. We get a couple more movies and a little more music in the pot than I think that’s definitely a possibility,” explained Clouser.

Saw X is in cinemas now, and you can check out our other coverage below: