Saw X: Producers tease return of fan favorite in Saw 11

Chris Tilly
Billy in Saw

There’s a new Saw movie in cinemas today, and while promoting the film at Fantastic Fest this week, producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules teased what to expect in the next installment.

Saw X debuted at Fantastic Fest this week, and we said this about the movie in the Dexerto review: “Saw X has reinvigorated the franchise. By brilliantly intertwining character depth with sheer, unadulterated carnage, it offers a riveting experience that harks back to what made the original Saw a genre-defining classic, all the while adding a piece to the Jigsaw puzzle we’ve never seen before.”

The sequel plays out between Saw 1 and 2. But during a post-screening Q&A, the producers revealed it nearly played out between 2 and 3.

During the same interview, Mark and Oren discussed future franchise plans, should this one be a hit. Though they go into detail below, so beware of SAW X SPOILERS ahead….

Saw X: Producers tease return of fan favorite in Saw 11

The Saw X post-credits scene reveals that John Kramer has been working with fan favorite Detective Hoffman throughout the movie. So when asked if that’s the set-up for a Saw movie that focusses on Hoffman’s character, the producers said “yes.”

Mark Burg: “Oren and myself are superstitious so we never talk about another movie until this movie opens. But should this movie open well, and should Lionsgate want to make another one, that’s exactly where we’re going with the next one.”

Oren Koules: “One of the things that we’ve read a lot about is that Jigsaw always seems so ahead of everybody. So one of the tricks in this movie that we wanted to show is that he’s been dealing with Detective Hoffman for a long time. So when he’s been ahead of everybody – and knows things that people are doing – it’s a little nugget for the fans to realize that he’s been talking to Detective Hoffman a lot earlier than we previously saw him in a movie.”

So if you want more Hoffman, get out there and watch Saw X this weekend!

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