Saw producers reveal most “horrific” trap in the whole franchise

Daisy Phillipson
Mpho Koaho as Tim in Saw III

Ahead of the release of the anticipated Saw X, the long-running producers of the Saw franchise, Mark Burg and Oren Koules, have revealed their most “horrific” trap in the entire movie series. 

When the first Saw movie dropped in 2004, no one anticipated that it would go on to birth the horror juggernaut it is today. Since then, we’ve had nine movies, including the upcoming Saw X, as well as video games, comic books, toys, and theme park rides.

Alongside Tobin Bell’s John Kramer, each film’s narrative is connected by its brutal traps, serving not merely as macabre spectacles but as the very sinews stitching together a tapestry of retribution, redemption, and moral reckoning.

In other words, it wouldn’t be a Saw movie if it didn’t have traps. There have been more than 60 in the franchise so far, a number that will soon be added to with the release of the tenth film. Ahead of its arrival, Burg and Koules have shared their most horrifying trap of all time. 

Saw producers reveal most “horrific” trap in the whole franchise

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Burg revealed that his “most horrific” trap is what they call the “Twisty Tim”. To refresh your memory, Twisty Tim – or The Rack, as it’s commonly known – features in Saw III. 

As Burg explains, Tim (Mpho Koaho) “was on a cross and his arms just kept getting twisted until they kind of snapped out of their sockets. To me that was beyond [horrific].” You can watch it below, but viewer discretion is advised:

For Koules, his choice is a little more personal. “My favourite trap is really, really simple,” he tells us. “When Amanda got the head trap off in Saw 1, the guy whose stomach she cut open to get the key out of – that was me.”

“It was a low budget movie,” Koules adds. “The razor wire trap was one of our friends and a hockey coach. And I was on the floor for that one [the Reverse Bear Trap]. So that’s the scariest one for me because I actually had to sit there and Amanda kept hitting me.

“They put a big piece of leather, almost like a corset kind of thing, on me for protection, and she kept hitting me to try and cut my fake stomach open.” Again, you can watch the scene below, but be warned: it’s not for the faint-hearted:

While we’ve already been treated/subjected to dozens of gory traps so far, there’s a unique twist to the traps in Saw X

“What we deliberately did with this movie was go back to the traps of the early movies that were less complicated,” notes Burg. “Nobody will look at this movie and go, ‘Well, how did he do that?’ Anybody could make these traps by going to a local hardware store and getting the pieces.”

Burg says “they’re great” traps and “scary as hell,” adding: “Everybody does have a way out. Not everybody in the movie dies in the traps. There are people who survive; they do what they have to do, they beat the trap, and they live.”

Saw X arrives in cinemas on September 29. You can read more about the movie here, and check out our other Saw coverage below: 

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