One Piece: Sanji’s Hell Memories technique explained

An image of Sanji using Hell Memories technique against Queen in One PieceCrunchyroll

Despite being one of the strongest Straw Hat crew members, Sanji is often overshadowed by Luffy and Zoro. However, he has several powerful techniques in his arsenal, and his Hell Memories technique is one of them.

One Piece never falls short of portraying unique powers for every character. Even minor characters have their unique fighting style, much less central characters like Sanji. Although he learns the basics of his fighting style from Red Leg Zeff, Sanji later takes it to another level and develops his personal style.

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Sanji uses his legs during a fight since he believes he shouldn’t get his hands injured as a cook. Using his Black Leg Style, Sanji has developed a wide variety of techniques. Even his signature technique, Diable Jambe is a broader category for dozens of Sanji’s techniques.

Hell Memories technique doesn’t fall into the Diable Jambe, but they share some similarities. Both techniques involve Sanji igniting his legs and are implied to be related to psychological phenomena. Here’s a look at how Sanji’s Diable Jambe works.

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How does Sanji develop the Hell Memories technique?


The two-year time skip has been the most traumatizing phase of Sanji’s life. However, he also gains tremendous strength during that time. He can now utilize fire in his normal strikes, which bear some similarities to his Diable Jambe. However, unlike Diable Jambe, Sanji develops the Hell Memories technique due to his memories of Momoiro Island. 

These memories cause him to burst out in flames through sheer anger. He calls this technique “Hell Memories” to demonstrate his difficult time on that island. Sanji first uses this technique in the “Fish-Man Island Arc” against Wadatsumi, a giant tiger blowfish Fish-Man.

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How does the Hell Memories technique work?


Before using this technique, Sanji closes his eyes and recalls a painful memory from that island. The memory ignites his anger, and his entire body catches fire. This is similar to the time when he finds out that Absalom has not only kidnapped Nami but also has Sanji’s dream devil fruit. 

As soon as he is engulfed in fire, Sanji leaps into the air and lands a powerful kick on his opponent. This sets the opponent’s entire body on fire and causes significant damage. The use of fire in Hell Memories technique seems metaphorical since the series never clearly explains how Sanji is able to create real fire with sheer anger despite not having a devil fruit.

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