One Piece chapter 1081 reveals the fate of the Heart Pirates

An image of Trafalgar Law and Marshall D. Teach from One Piece

Ever since Trafalgar Law’s encounter with Blackbeard, fans have been worrying about the fate of the Heart Pirates. However, chapter 1081 of One Piece reveals what happens to the Heart Pirates, and it’s not something fans would ever wish for.

Ever since the Punk Hazard Arc, Trafalgar Law has become one of the fan-favorite characters in One Piece. He joins the Straw Hat Pirates to defeat the Yonko Kaido. Once their alliance is over, Law parts ways with Luffy along with his crew and heads toward North East. 

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Sadly, Law’s luck runs out when Blackbeard’s crew attacks him. The Heart Pirates put up a great fight against the Blackbeard pirates. However, Oda leaves fans hanging for quite some time concerning the fate of the Heart Pirates. 

In the Dressrosa Arc, Doflamingo reveals the immense power of Law’s Op-Op devil fruit. It is the only power in the world that has the ability to make someone immortal. Even in a fictional world such as One Piece, the concept of immortality is rarely touched. Oda mentions immortality for the first time using the Op-Op fruit. However, that also means that Law’s devil fruit is the most sought-out in the world. Here’s a look at how chapter 1081 finally reveals the fate of Heart Pirates.

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What happens between the Heart Pirates and Blackbeard Pirates?

An image of Blackbeard attacking Trafalgar Law for Road PoneglyphsViz Media

Chapter 1063 features the Blackbeard Pirates attacking the Heart Pirates out of nowhere. In the face of powers such as teleportation, superhuman strength, and bizarre contagions, Law’s crew find themselves overwhelmed. Nonetheless, they do manage to hold back the Yonko’s crew to the best of their abilities. The fight continues in chapter 1064, where Law is facing Blackbeard head-on. The battle between two mighty crews seems to be in a stalemate. 

Though it is clear that Blackbeard has an overwhelming advantage, the situation can take a turn in Law’s favour at any moment. Mid-battle, Blackbeard makes his intention of attacking the Heart Pirates clear; he only wants the copies of Road Poneglyphs from Law. Sadly, after chapter 1064, Oda doesn’t mention anything about Law’s crew, leaving fans to make assumptions on their own.

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What happens to Law and his crew in chapter 1081?

An image of the Bepo escaping in One Piece's chapter 1081Viz Media

The chapter primarily focuses on Kuzan’s side of the story and how he has given up on the Marines. It reveals how Kuzan joins the Blackbeard Pirates. Fans also witness the overwhelming strength of the Marines’ hero, Monkey D. Garp. As Garp is there to rescue his apprentice, Koby, he faces off against Kuzan. Kuzan refuses to let Garp and the Marines save Koby while Blackbeard is away. 

The chapter then shows the broken Polar Tang, the Heart Pirates’ submarine. The rest of the crew is drowning with the Polar Tang. Meanwhile, only Bepo and Law are on land but barely alive. As Blackbeard is mulling over what to do with Law’s devil fruit, Bepo transforms into his Sulong form and attacks him. 

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This is surprising, considering Minks can only transform during a full moon. However, even that isn’t enough to save Law. Bepo has no choice but to retreat, leaving his captain behind with the enemies. While escaping, he prays for his captain to be alright. While the status of the rest of the crew is unknown, it is clear that they aren’t in any good shape. 

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