Marvel lets terminally ill fan see Deadpool & Wolverine early, this is what they thought

Christopher Baggett
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman as Deadpool and Wolverine with Deadpool holding a dog that's licking his face

A fan has now shared his thoughts about Deadpool & Wolverine to Reddit after seeing the upcoming MCU film in its entirety, though it is a bittersweet affair.

Reddit user Rotasevian shared to Reddit that they were getting an opportunity to see Deadpool & Wolverine, which they referred to as “the upside of being terminally ill.” The screening was arranged by Marvel Studios and Dream Foundation.

Though they didn’t meet any of the film’s stars, Rotasevian did receive messages from stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Though they could not divulge specific details or spoil the movie, as they signed an NDA, they shared their thoughts on the film on Reddit and answered a few questions.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool and Wolverine

The screening they saw was about 95% complete, saying in multiple replies they didn’t see things like post-credits scenes. Regardless, they stayed true to their word and didn’t offer spoilers for the film, though they spoke glowingly about what they saw.

“Just finished the movie and as promised I said I would tell you guys if it was good or not and the answer is…. it’s so f**king good.” Rotasevian revealed.

Asked if it was as good or better than the first two Deadpool films, they said it was “Equal.” In a later comment, they gave the film a 9.5/10 but did clarify they were biased towards Deadpool.

Asked if it was clearly a Deadpool movie and if Wolverine isn’t in the film much, Rotasevian clarified the screen time was about 55/45, saying both characters get done justice. They later clarified that it just slightly leaned more towards Deadpool, but both were easily lead characters.

They did offer up a few small details, like confirming that, yes, Wolverine will wear his mask in the film and that they did not get one of the special popcorn buckets. But it overall sounds like it was a very positive experience with a film they sincerely enjoyed. It’s all the more reason for fans to get excited before the film makes its wide release.

Deadpool & Wolverine is in theaters starting July 26. Until then, you can read about how Willy Wonka inspired Cassandra Nova or the joke inspired by a note from Kevin Feige. You can also read up on the best new movies on streaming this month or all the upcoming Disney+ releases.