James Gunn finally explained why The Batman 2 will not be included in new DC slate

Kayla Harrington
Robert Pattinson in The Batman

DC fans were surprised that Matt Reeves sequel The Batman 2 wasn’t on James Gunn’s new DC line-up, but Gunn has revealed why.

Batman has been one of the biggest players in both DC comics and movies for decades now, with the latest iteration of the Caped Crusader coming in the form of Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

The action-packed super hero outing starring Robert Pattinson grossed over $771 million, making it the seventh-highest-grossing film of 2022 and it received positive reviews for its acting, musical score, Reeves’ direction, and action sequences.

So, it wasn’t surprising when it was announced that Reeves would be making a follow-up sequel set to release in 2025, but the movie didn’t appear on James Gunn’s new DC Studios movie line-up, much to fans’ confusion. However, the new CEO of DC has recently revealed why the movie didn’t appear in his timeline.

The Batman sequel’s inclusion in DCU was up to Reeves

Gunn recently replied to a fan’s question on why Reeve’s Batman sequel won’t be appearing in his and co-CEO Peter Safran’s new vision for DC Studios.

Apparently, fans believed Gunn and Safran wouldn’t “allow” Reeve’s Batman films to be absorbed into the new DCU, but it turns out the fate of The Batman and its sequel was completely up to Reeves.

“It’s not an ‘allowed’ thing,” Gunn wrote to a fan during a conversation on Instagram’s Threads, “It’s Matt’s choice, and we respect that.”

Robert Pattinson in Batman as Bruce Wayne

Gunn and Safran have their own plans to include a new, non-Pattinson Batman to their new DCU in the upcoming film The Brave and The Bold.

“This is the introduction of the DCU’s Batman,” Gunn explained earlier this year, “This is the story of Damian Wayne, who is Batman’s actual son who we didn’t know existed for the first eight to 10 years of his life.”

“He was raised as a little murderer and assassin. He’s a little son of a bitch. He’s my favorite Robin. It’s based on the Grant Morrison comic book’s run, which is one of my favorite Batman runs, and we are putting that all together right now.”

Safran went on to echo his co-CEO statements adding, “And this is obviously a feature film, and it’s going to feature other members of the extended ‘Bat-family’, just because we feel like they’ve been left out of the Batman stories in the theater for far too long.”

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