iCarly reboot Season 3: All major cast and characters

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The iCarly reboot has been surprisingly popular, with Season 3 now on the way. Here’s your guide to the cast, including the actors and characters they play.

Wake up the members of my nation, becasue iCarly Season 3 is on its way!

This show is a 2021 Paramount+ revival of the original Nickelodeon series which aired from 2007 to 2012. While most reboots come and go with little impact, iCarly has managed to stay, and has brought in new fans as well as old.

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But with new fans and new characters, you may be wondering which classic characters have returned, and who’s going to appear in the third season. Well, we have a handy list of all the major cast and characters that will and won’t be in this upcoming season, along with some iconic guest stars.


iCarly Season 3 major cast and characters

This rebooted series finds a now 26-year-old Carly navigating adulthood and setting up her web show again, along with the help of some old faces, who we’ll be talking about in the list below.

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According to Paramount+‘s February 2021 press release, this revival show is “a new chapter for the most successful kids’ sitcom of all time, where original cast members Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor join new friends for a look at these characters’ present-day lives, adventures, and comedic mishaps.”

Carly Shay: Miranda Cosgrove

carly on icarlyParamount+

iCarly obviously wouldn’t be what it is without Carly herself. She’s kind of the every woman; just trying to make it through her 20s, just like she was trying to make it through her teenage years in the original, all while maintaining a popular online presence.

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Miranda Cosgrove, who plays Carly, is also well known for her other childhood roles, such as in Drake & Josh and School of Rock.

Freddie Benson: Nathan Kress

freddie icarlyParamount+

Freddie is Carly’s best friend, and spent most of the original show in love with her. Now a twice-divorced adult living with his mother, Freddie is able to help Carly revive her web show, and it seems clear that his feelings for her have not fully disappeared.

Freddie is played by Nathan Kress in the iCarly Season 3 cast, who can also be seen in Chicken Little and Into the Storm.

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Spencer Shay: Jerry Trainor

spencer icarlyParamount+

While Spencer was often considered the wacky older brother in the original, in the revival he happens to be the most successful out of all of the returning characters. However, he still lives in the original apartment, is still very much his goofy self, and is still a surprisingly caring brother to Carly.

Spencer is played by Jerry Trainor, who has had a lot of bit characters in other shows, most notably in Drake & Josh.

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Harper Bettencourt: Laci Mosley

harper icarlyParamount+

Harper is a new character for the show, though she is a welcome addition to the group. As Carly’s best friend and roommate, she helps push Carly to try out new things. Harper also dreams of becoming a fashion stylist after her wealthy family loses all of their money.

Harper is played by Laci Mosley in the iCarly Season 3 cast, who also appears in A Black Lady Sketch Show and Lopez Vs Lopez.

Millicent: Jaidyn Triplett

millicent icarlyParamount+

Millicent is another new face for the revival. She is Freddie’s adopted step-daughter, and social media-obsessed. So while she sees Carly as an online has-been, she still helps the team update the web show for a new decade.

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Jaidyn Triplett plays Millicent in the iCarly Season 3 cast, and also acts in Black-ish and Family Reunion.

iCarly guest stars

icarly season 3 behind the scenes imageInstagram @shuapeck

It seems like cameos from our fave Disney and Nickelodeon shows will never get old. iCarly has boasted a lot of guest stars so far, but arguably the ones fans are most hyped for are Josh Peck, who’s known for Drake & Josh, and Phill Lewis from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

While it’s unlikely that they’ll be returning as their iconic characters, no doubt their appearances will be iconic and hilarious. Even the behind the scenes image that’s been posted to Peck’s Instagram has people excited for what’s in store.

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Sam Puckett will not be returning

sam on icarlyNickelodeon

While many fans are holding out for Sam’s return, it seems pretty clear that Jenette McCurdy does not wish to get back into acting, and will never be involved with the iCarly reboot. Sam’s absence is explained in the first episode of the reboot, as it is mentioned that she is “following her dreams” with a biker gang.

Stating in her memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, McCurdy explained: “[I said] ‘Miranda, I’m not doing the reboot. There’s nothing you can say to convince me.’ She tells me she thinks the reboot could be an opportunity for all of us in the cast to ‘get back out there,’ maybe get some other opportunities from it. But there are things more important than money. And my mental health and happiness fall under that category.”

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Also, while not as set in stone, it seems like Gibby will also not make an appearance in the iCarly reboot. In 2017, on the OYC Podcast, actor Noah Munck revealed that he had a “weird relationship” with the franchise, due to his character being the “punching bag” and the “expense of the joke” constantly, which then bled into how fans of the show treated him.

However, he also stated that “maybe one day I’ll have a better relationship with it, and who knows, I’ll come back.” So while it doesn’t seem like Gibby will be here for Season 3, he could become a bigger part of the franchise later on.

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iCarly Season 3 is set to premiere later this year.

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