Deadpool & Wolverine first reaction leaves fans “in disbelief”

Christopher Baggett
Deadpool and Wolverine

It’s not the full film they’re seeing, mind you, but fan reactions to the first screenings for Deadpool & Wolverine indicate something truly special is in the works with the upcoming MCU film.

The Deadpool & Wolverine screenings, which kicked off the first week of July, only show about 40 minutes of the film. It’s the first look fans have gotten at the film, but an important one, as the MCU has struggled to regain fans it lost in recent years.

“Only in 40 Mins he cooked so much,” another fan said in reply to Nacht_Silver. “The other 90 Mins is Gon send me in Heaven.”

One silver lining from the preview is that fans haven’t seen much of the movie, either.

According to X user Ras_Al_Him, “The preview ended with Deadpool and Wolverine fighting in front of the Fox Logo,” supporting previous claims that much of the trailer footage was from the film’s opening.

The previews are part of the film’s extended press tour, which started in Shanghai, China on July 3. The tour has stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, alongside director Shawn Levy, trotting the globe. In addition to Shanghai, the trio has made stops in Seoul, South Korea and Berlin, Germany.

Part of the tour includes 40 minutes of footage being previewed. With almost a third of the film’s nearly two-hour runtime being screened, it’s already created a minefield of spoilers, so you’ll want to be careful with social media for a little while.

Deadpool & Wolverine is in theaters starting July 26. Until then, you can read about how Willy Wonka inspired Cassandra Nova or the joke inspired by a note from Kevin Feige. You can also read up on the best new movies on streaming this month or all the upcoming Disney+ releases.