10 best fall episodes of Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls autumnNetflix

It’s finally Fall, which means that it’s time for Gilmore Girls. But which are the best episodes to get you in the autumnal spirit?

Autumn is easy to see coming. The cooling of the air, the falling of the leaves, and the catchy theme song of Gilmore Girls playing in your ears.

Because just as pumpkin spice lattes are synonymous with the fall, so is an annual rewatch of the popular TV show, which features the relationship between three generations of Gilmore women as they live their lives around Stars Hollow.

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The series ran for seven initial seasons between 2000-2007, with a four-part revival special “A Year in the Life” premiering on Netflix in 2016. Considering how many episodes there are, you may not have time to watch all of them in the Autumn months. So which episodes should you prioritize? Read on to find out.

1×07 – “Kiss and Tell”

gilmore girls autumnNetflix

Synopsis: “When Rory neglects to tell Lorelai that she experienced her first kiss from Dean, Lorelai tries to overcome her hurt feelings and prove she’s fine with their relationship.”

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What we think: This first season of Gilmore Girls was arguably the cosiest, and this episode proves that. While Rory is fumbling over her first kiss, the town is covered in autumn decor for the upcoming festival – we even see Rory and Lane in Pilgrim costumes.

2×04 – “The Road Trip to Harvard”

gilmore girls harvardNetflix

Synopsis: “Since the wedding is off, Lorelai takes flight with Rory on a road trip to Harvard University, opening her daughter’s eyes to college life while her mother mulls the life she might have had.”

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What we think: Academia is very fall-inspired, and there’s no autumnal college like Harvard University. Just watching the main pair go around the old buildings is enough to feel ready for the new school year, and the B&B they stay at also has pretty fall vibes.

3×07 – “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They”

gilmore girlsNetflix

Synopsis: “Lorelai is determined to win the annual Stars Hollow dance marathon, and forces Rory to be her partner, and Rory and Jess argue nonstop, even with the townspeople whirling around them on the dance floor.”

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What we think: The dance itself isn’t super autumnal, but this Gilmore Girls episode is set during the fall time, and has a changing of Rory’s boyfriends, just like a changing of the seasons. Plus, it’s just an iconic episode that every fan needs to watch.

3×08 – “Let the Games Begin”

gilmore girls autumnNetflix

Synopsis: “While visiting New Haven, Conn., Richard announces that he has arranged a surprise interview for Rory with the dean of admissions at Yale University.”

What we think: The episode opens with fall decor galore, and like Road Trip to Harvard, there are plenty of academic vibes here. The gang head to Yale, and while there’s family drama, the atmosphere remains very cosy and autumnal.

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3×09 – “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving”

gilmore girls thanksgivingNetflix

Synopsis: “Lorelai is shocked to learn Rory has applied to Yale, and they have a memorable Thanksgiving when they end up forcing down four celebratory meals, including a formal dinner party with Richard and Emily.”

What we think: Thanksgiving is very much a fall holiday (despite November arguably being Winter at this point) so this episode was bound to end up on this list. And with the girls having four Thanksgivings in one, we certainly get a bountiful experience of the holiday.

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4×05 – “The Fundamental Things Apply”

gilmore girlsNetflix

Synopsis: “After reflecting on her lack of social life, Rory decides to try dating and finds it harder than it looks. Lorelai is still adjusting to an empty house and has Luke over to try to fill the gap.”

What we think: Once again, the set designers outdo themselves in creating such a cozy autumnal Stars Hollow, and Yale is also glowing with orange leaves. This episode also provides some great Luke and Lorelai scenes for your enjoyment.

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4×09 – “Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out”

gilmore girlsNetflix

Synopsis: “Richard and Emily invite Lorelai and Rory to their fancy tailgate party at the Harvard-Yale game; Rory is shocked to see Paris and a distinguished professor kissing.”

What we think: College football games always set off the fall season. and with Yale Vs. Harvard, we have two worlds colliding. The episode also provides plenty of cozy looks, to contrast the growing drama going on between Emily and Richard.

5×10 – “But Not as Cute as Pushkin”

gilmore girlsNetflix

Synopsis: “Rory is delighted that her former headmaster asks her to host a girl who is thinking of applying to Yale; Lorelai and Luke have their first fight when she buys an old boat that had belonged to his father.”

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What we think: This is another episode that leans into the autumnal academic vibes, with everyone wearing cozy sweaters, drinking coffee, and carrying books. Autumn is also evident in the set background as Rory shows a Chilton student around Yale, highlighting the school in all its Fall glory.

6×07 – “Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number”

gilmore girls rory's birthdayNetflix

Synopsis: “As Rory’s 21st birthday approaches, both Lorelai and Rory are saddened by the fact that their ongoing estrangement will keep them from spending the day as they had planned.”

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What we think: Rory’s birthday is in Autumn, so obviously her celebrations always carry an element of Fall. This party especially, which has a brown, black, yellow, and orange theme, feels very Autumn-approved. Even the current estrangement between Rory and Lorelai has an autumnal melancholy to it.

A Year in the Life – “Fall”

gilmore girls fallNetflix

Synopsis: “Lorelai seeks wisdom when she finds herself at odds with everyone in her life; Rory has a wild night with an unexpected crowd.”

What we think: We couldn’t have a list of Fall Gilmore Girls episodes without mentioning the episode “Fall” itself. This four-part special ends with this episode, providing closure for all our characters. While not everyone loves the revival, autumn was obviously the best season to end the show on.

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