TikToker sparks debate after getting fired fired for revealing her salary in video

A TikToker says she was fired for disclosing her salaryInstagram: Lexi Larson

A TikToker who shared her increased tax burden after getting a raise claims she was fired from her job for disclosing her salary.

Though it is often wise to be wary of sharing personal information online, many creators will do it anyway and face serious repercussions.

Several prominent streamers have reported being harassed and stalked by fans who managed to determine their locations from videos they posted. Some have gotten reprimanded or fired from jobs for being outspoken on political subjects.

Now, one TikToker says that she was fired because of sharing some information about her salary.

TikTok may have gotten a woman fired.Instagram: Lexi Larson
Lexi Larson claims she was fired for sharing salary information on TikTok.

As reported by the New York Post, Lexi Larson, a Denver resident who works in the tech industry, posted a now-deleted TikTok where she disclosed how much her paychecks had increased after getting a $20,000 raise by starting a new job.

However, it appears that her employer was not too happy with Lexi sharing her new salary.

According to Larson, her former employer had found her TikTok account and “really, “really did not like” that she was sharing her salary.

She was fired two days after meeting with her employer about her account, just two weeks into starting this new job.

According to Larson, the employer claimed her TikTok account was a security concern “because I could post something private about the company.”

TikToker says she was fired because she posted salary information.Instagram: Lexi Larson
TikToker says her company fired her because she might reveal sensitive information on social media.

Larson asked if her post regarding her salary violated any company policies or posed a security concern. The company admitted the TikTok hadn’t violated any such policies, but “it could happen at any time in the future, so they’re just not going to take that risk.”

Luckily, Larson managed to get her previous job back, but the fact that she was fired for merely having the potential to post sensitive information made many commenters furious and wary.

Theoretically, anyone with a social media presence could post sensitive information. The fact that she was fired for posting salary information also raised eyebrows, as the National Labor Relations Act protects employees who disclose their salaries.

For now, Larson seems content to return to her former job, where her employer knows about her TikTok account “and they have no issues with it.”